TSI scores

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI), also referred to as the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) is a college entrance exam used in Texas. The TSI program helps universities and colleges to determine applicants’ preparedness for their academic courses.

There are three fields in which the TSI exam assesses academic proficiency: reading, writing, and mathematics.

All students hoping to enter Texas’ college system must take the TSI unless they are qualifying for an exemption from the TSI.

Students in high school can also be exempt from having to take the exam.

The TSI exam measures the weaknesses and strengths of students in the academic fields of reading, writing, and mathematics but also their knowledge in statistics is assessed.

The results on the TSI exam are an indication as to what extent the students are ready to successfully attend college-level, credit-bearing academic programs.

A student’s TSI results, in combination with their academic backgrounds, goals, and interests, will be used by academic advisors and counselors for the appropriate placement of the students in the school’s courses that match their competencies and knowledge levels. Check also this article to learn what TSI stands for and how the TSI Assessment works.

TSI pre-assessment activity

Before they are allowed to take the TSI exam, all students are required to sit for the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity. This pre-exam is available at high schools, colleges, and universities.

Students are not allowed to sit for the TSI exam when they haven’t first taken this TSI pre-assessment activity.

On the TSI Assessment, there is no passing or failing. Based on a student’s performance, a school decides if he or she can enroll in their academic courses or that they first must follow some intervention or one or more remedial readiness courses.

Required results

The following are the scores students are required to attain on the TSI Assessment to qualify for direct enrollment in the schools’ credit-bearing courses:

  • Reading: the minimum score is 351
  • Writing: here, students must attain at least a 340 score and 4+ on their essay; or they must attain a score under 340 and have an ABE Diagnostic test score of 4 in combination with a score on their essay that’s at least 5
  • Math: here, the minimally required score 350. Check here for free TSI Math practice tests
  • More on TSI scoring below

Students that score sufficiently on the three TSI testing fields are considered college-ready and don’t need to first take developmental or intervention courses prior to enrolling in college courses. So college hopefuls fall in the category “college-ready”, or TSI-met or -complete, if they have attained at least these scores:

Math: (multiple-choice) 350–390

Language Reading: (multiple-choice) 351–390

Language Writing:
1. 340–390 on the Writing multiple-choice section AND a score of 4 or higher for the essay or
2. 310–339 on the Writing multiple-choice section AND a score of 4, 5, or 6 on the ABE Diagnostic Test AND a score of 5 or higher for the essay Students need to meet all these three requirements! For TSI-exempt status requirements, check out this page.

There are students who don’t feel the TSI test is hard at all, but other students will have to improve their knowledge and competencies level in order to get optimally prepared for academic courses.

The TSI individual score reports are good indications of the students’ abilities and are used for appropriate placements in schools participating in the Texas college system. Check out also this TSI Study Guide.

Where can I find TSI scores?

Students that completed the TSI Assessment have immediate access to individual score reports. They can immediately see their results in detail. They may their score reports to identify their weaknesses and strengths and which areas need their attention and improvement.

School advisors, teachers, and counselors use the TSI score reports for advice and recommendations regarding interventions and remedial or prerequisite lessons and courses that are in line with the students’ needs. All students that took the TSI Assessment receive copies of their individual TSI scores through email. Learn all about the TSI Assessment here.

Last Updated on September 12, 2020