TSI Study Guide

In Texas, taking the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment is required for students looking to enroll in credit-bearing college or university courses. This study guide will explain more about what the TSI is comprised of, the enrollment process, and help students get all set for the exam fast and efficiently.

To learn more about what students can expect the TSI exam, we provide free practice tests so students will know what they’ll be faced with ahead of time so they can hone their skills which will save then money and time during their college application.

Attaining good scores on the TSI exam is critical to saving time ahead of a college education. Having to take extra prerequisite courses or classes is not only time-consuming but may cause a lot of stress and this TSI study guide will make that students will have a great start. To learn more about TSI scores, check out this article.

The content that you’ll find on MyCareerTools’ TSI pages covers just about everything you’ll see in the TSI exam and our practice tests will indicate your weak and strong points so you can focus on those areas that require your attention most.

This TSI study guide helps you to identify what you need to learn to be successful on the TSI Assessment and get you optimally prepared to produce your best possible test results once the big day has come.

TSI Math

The TSI Math section covers everything that you are supposed to have had in high school. So what do you remember about it? Is it sufficient to get a sufficient score on the TSI Math section? What parts of math that you took in high school are showing up on the TSI Math exam? Is your knowledge enough to enter college without having to take extra classes? This is what we’ll address in this TSI Math study guide. We’ll help you to remember all those important things so you’ll be in the best possible shape to demonstrate your math skills on test day.

TSI Reading

Reading is more than simply knowing and understanding words. You also must show your ability for analyzing and synthesizing the words you’ve been reading and sometimes you need to form new ideas that are based on a given text. Our free practice tests will let you discover what you need to focus on to get optimally prepared for the TSI Reading exam so you won’t be faced with remedial classes before you can enroll in college courses.

TSI Writing

Our TSI study guide will explain what good writing involves and how you can best prepare for this section of the TSI Assessment. This part of the exam includes both a multiple-choice part and writing your essay. You need to get optimally prepared and demonstrate your best writing skills so you won’t have to take any remedial classes before you’ll be allowed into credit-bearing college courses.

How many questions are on the TSI exam?

The TSI exam consists of three subtests in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. Each of these three sections contains 20 to 24 multiple-choice questions. The TSI exam is computer-adaptive to measure all test-takers’ skill levels individually. Computer-adaptive means that with each given right or wrong answer, the level of the questions is adapted to the student’s level. To learn more about TSI scoring, check out this post.

Where can I take the TSI test?

Students have three options for taking the TSI Assessment. You may want to contact your school’s TSI Office if you need help in choosing your best option or for more clarification.

TSI Testing at High School

You may take the TSI exam while still being in high school. This is, in fact, your best option and is generally offered at no charge. Just contact your school’s College & Career Counselor for information about TSI testing in high school and submit your scores to your preferred college.

TSI Testing at a Community College

You may also sit for the TSI exam at any Texas community college but note that the school can charge a proctor fee though some colleges allow their future students to take the TSI exam at a reduced fee or for free. Please contact your preferred college’s TSI Office for additional information. You can submit the school’s TSI Assessment Request Form and then choose a remote option as well.

TSI Testing Online

There’s also the option to take the TSI Assessment at home on your computer. You need to use a computer with a webcam and a microphone because that way, an online proctor can follow you as you take the test. If you will complete a TSI Assessment Request Form, simply choose the “online” option. The fee for taking the TSI exam online is $25.

All TSI applicants are required to complete the so-called Pre-Assessment TSI Activity before they’re allowed to sit for the TSI exam. Please contact your school for additional information.

TSI Exemptions

Not all applicants are required to take the TSI exam. Being exempt means that students may enroll in an entry-level credit-bearing college course without any restrictions. Sometimes, exemptions will be subject-specific, meaning you only qualify for an exemption in that subject field (e.g. reading) but not in other areas (e.g. math or writing). Read more about TSI exemptions here.

For exemption, you need to meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Have scored sufficiently on the ACT or SAT college admission tests or attained at least a College-Ready score on the GED exam. For sufficient scoring criteria, please contact your school.
  • Attained at least a score of 2200 on the TAKS  math section aa well as at least a 2200-score on the Language Arts section while your writing subtest score is at least 3.
  • Veterans and active-duty military personnel are also exempt from taking the TIS exam.
  • Students who completed college-level coursework at an accredited institution may transfer credits and qualify for an exemption.
  • Students enrolled in one-year certificate programs (Level One certificates) at a public Texas educational institution are also exempt from taking the TSI exam.