Onsego – Fast Track to your GED

Onsego is the publisher of an online GED prep course that is totally aligned with the most recent version of the GED test and recognized as such by the GED Testing Service.

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You can purchase one of the four GED subject fields as a stand-alone course, but you can also buy the Advantage Plan that covers all four GED® subtests and includes four GED Ready® practice test vouchers and many more bonuses.

The GED Ready test is designed by the GED Testing Service and is the only practice test that will indicate if you’re all set for the GED test or if you require more preparation.

GED Ready

The GED Ready practice tests can be purchased on the website GED.com at $6.99 each and, as said before, are included in Onsego’s Advantage Plan. There are intotal four GED Ready practice tests, one per independent GED sub-exam.

Within your Advantage Plan, you’ll also have access to Onsego’s Quitting Protection Course. This course makes sure you won’t quit studying for the GED test, and it stimulates your self-confidence.

The GED test is a rather challenging assessment, and the study material is complex. Many students who start learning for the exam will become so overwhelmed by the material that they already give up learning before they’re even halfway!

Quitting Protection

Onsego has not only developed an interesting Quitting Protection Plan to tackle this problem. The course is made up of small video lessons that last some 3 to 5 minutes and cover one GED topic at a time.

This means that students will not get overwhelmed, and this “bite-size” approach ensures they’ll understand the topic at hand better and faster.

At the end of each lesson, there’s a small quiz to check if they understood the material at hand. The lessons are scheduled in modules, and after each module, there’s a much more extensive practice test so the students can check whether they understand the subject field or if they need to study that material again.

When you take the GED Ready practice test, the score will show your possible GED test score. It also generates a list of gap skills. You can connect this list with Onsego prep.

You get a list of Onsego lessons that you should take to improve your score when you do that. To help you even more, Onsego will give you access to a new course that teaches how to eliminate the wrong answers.

Onsego also published a number of its video lessons and practice tests on the website BestGEDClasses.org for free. Students who have already mastered most of the GED study material may benefit from these lessons at no cost, though most students need more extensive preparation to be successful.

Fast Track to GED

For students who already have a well-rounded knowledge of all topics covered in high school but who had to quit school prematurely, the Onsego GED prep course is ideal because there’s no pre-set plan they must stick to. If you, for example, want to go to nursing school and didn’t complete high school, you need your GED, and the faster, the better, right?

All the video lessons and practice tests are available as they please. They can switch to any lesson and in any order. If they score well on a module’s extensive practice test, they may skip that module and move ahead.

And the good thing is that the GED Ready test is paid for by Onsego! It is included in the Advantage Plan. And if they attain sufficient scores (in the “green” zone) on the GED Ready test, they can register for the real thing.

Math Calculator Course

One last thing is worth mentioning as well. Onsego’s Advantage Plan also comes with another unique feature. Onsego designed the GED Calculator Course.

This course teaches students how to work with the TI30-XS scientific calculator so effectively that even students who do not understand any math concepts will still be able to pass the GED math test.

Instead of learning complicated math problems, they’ll learn how to work with the calculator that’s allowed on the GED exam efficiently. Sure, basic concepts like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division must be understood, but all students will pass the GED math test, whether they understand math problems or not. It’s all about knowing how to use the calculator in the right way!