Can You Go To College with a GED?

Many people wonder if having a GED Diploma is enough to get to a college. The answer is yes, your GED® allows for a college education. Here is a full explanation of how it works including a list of colleges that accept GED grads with open hands.

First of all, let’s make it clear, that the GED Diploma for many people is the umbrella term for all High School Equivalency tests such as GED, HiSET, and TASC. If a student passes any of these exams, he or she will get a High School Equivalency Diploma. This Diploma also knows as the GED Diploma has the same value as the high school diploma.

During the past 3 years, as many as 35% of GED graduates have signed up for college courses within a year of earning their GED diploma.

Over 45% have gone to college within 3 years after getting their GED, says GED Testing service.

These stats are encouraging and what’s more, GED grads are persistent and 90% of them graduate from college.

In general, colleges accept GED Diploma holders, but you might be asked to pass the ACT or SAT test.

However, there are acceptations to this rule if you study well.

If students score in the 165-200 range at their GED test, they will often be waived from college placement tests such as SAT or ACT and can attend the course of their choice.

This is called a GED College-Ready result. All GED subtests are done on a computer.

If a student gets scores of more than 175 points on each GED test (scoring takes place on a 100-200 scale), he or she will not only be waived ACT or SAT tests, they will also receive college credit.

Students may be eligible for up to 10 college credit hours. This is called a GED College-Ready + Credit result. So you see, the GED is truly a high school equivalency diploma! So don’t waste your time, get your GED certificate, and work towards a better financial life!

Be sure to get all the help you can to get set properly for the four GED separate subject tests in Math, English Language Arts (Reading and Writing combined), Social Studies, and Science.

The GED is not easy and proper preparation is required before testing. You can find local preparatory programs to support you to complete the questions correct and boost your skills, and online courses are also great options to get a job with decent pay.

Online learning for the subjects of the GED (General Education Development) tests can be done on your own schedule so you can prepare your official adult education degree in the day or at night, whenever it suits you best. People with a GED have better careers than people without the degree.

Verification of GED Diplomas

Colleges can easily verify GED Diplomas received from students by using the trustworthy Parchment Services that work together with GED Testing Service to provide digital GED Diplomas transcripts and avoid unlawful admissions.

They do not provide a verbal verification or any other verification, only digital transcripts that are using a secure Blue Ribbon delivery technology.

These digital secure Smart Transcripts offer also explanations and evaluations of the GED diplomas.

Parchment works with academic and non-academic institutions. So, you should earn your credentials in the right way and avoid any scams!