TSI Math Practice Tests

MyCareerTools’ TSI Math practice tests are similar to the questions found on the Math portion of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment.

The TSI Math subtest includes four main sections that cover the math portion: Elementary Algebra and Functions, Intermediate Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurement, and Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.

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Elementary algebra & functions

Test-takers must be able to solve word and number problems in simple equations such as 3X – 8 = 25.

They must be able to recall and apply formulas such as RT, or Rate times Time = D or Distance; LW, or Length times Width = A or Area. Additionally, they must be able to combine or simplify basic algebraic expressions. Check out this post to learn more about TSI scoring.

Intermediate algebra & functions

To deal with these questions, test-takers need to know what quadratic equations are, what steps are needed to simplify square roots, and when and how to use quadratic formulas to solve real-world issues.

There are also questions that require a thorough understanding of exponential and rational expressions, radicals, and functions.

Geometry & measurement

TSI test-takers need to understand the basics, axioms, and postulates relating to plane geometrics to answer questions about measurements of circles, triangles, and rectangles.

This part also includes questions about measuring solids and 3-dimensional figures. There are also questions relating to geometric modeling to be used for computer applications.

Data analysis, statistics & probability

Test-takers must be able to answer questions about the interpretation of information on graphs and tables and master statistics terminology such as mean and median, and command techniques to decipher sets of data. The chances that coin tossing questions will appear in the probability section are 50/50.

The TSI assessment measures a student’s strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, and mathematics. The test result is a pretty good indicator of how ready a test-taker is to properly attend college-level academic courses. Taking the TSI is required for any student seeking a college degree or level-2 certificate (42 credit hours and up) and who plans to attend a public academic institution in Texas.

Applicants that have sufficient results in other college entrance exams such as SAT, ACT, TAKS, or STAAR, are exempted from this requirement. GED test-takers who score in the “college-ready” or “college-ready plus credit” range also have “exempt” status. More information about “Exempt Status” can be found here.

Your TSI testing results in combination with your academic experience, background, interests, and goals, are used by educators and advisors to place you in your college’s appropriate courses so you will have the best chances to be successful. Usually, each academic course you want to register for requires a specific level of writing, reading, or mathematics skills and your TSI scores are a good indicator of that.

An essential and mandatory component of TSI testing is the so-called “pre-assessment activity”. All test-takers must take this section prior to the actual exam. If a student doesn’t complete this pre-assessment activity, s/he will not be able to take the test. The “pre-assessment activity” is rather short and will take up just about 30 minutes.

The “pre-assessment activity” offers you information and clarification on the TSI testing procedure and the usefulness of the TSI test. You will also receive college success tips and information on what to do if your TSI scores are insufficient meaning you’re not college-ready yet.

MyCareerTools’ free practice tests and questions will familiarize you with everything that’s on the TSI test. The TSI exam comes at a modest fee but the “pre-assessment activity” will cost you nothing. When you’ve finished this pre-test, you will receive a certificate stating you are ready for TSI testing.

Disclaimer: MyCareerTools is not endorsed by or affiliated with TSI (Texas Success Initiative). TSI a registered trademark used here solely for identification purposes.