TSI Math Practice Tests

The Math TSI practice tests on this website are similar to what you’ll find on the Math section of the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment.

There are only 20 questions on Math but if you fail, the test will give you another 40 questions, to find out what’s your level of math knowledge.

The next 40 questions are more elementary Math such as percent, decimals, area, perimeter, multiplication.

You must know how to solve problems in relatively simple equations such as solve for x when 4x – 6 = 26. In some way, TSI Math is similar to the GED Test.

To get all set for the TSI  test, you should take multiple practice tests so you’ll learn about your weak and strong points.

TSI Math Practice Tests

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Let’s take a look at the four main areas that are covered in the TSI exam:

Algebra I

You must understand how to apply formulas like Rate times Time (RT), Distance (D), Length times Width (LW), and Area (A). Additionally, you must understand how to simplify and/or combine fundamental algebraic expressions.

Algebra II

You must understand quadratic equations, how to simplify and deal with square roots, and how and when to utilize quadratic formulas to deal with real-world problems. Additionally, you must understand how to work with functions, radicals, and rational and exponential expressions.


You must understand the basics, postulates, and axioms related to plane geometrics. You also must know how to solve measurements of, for example, triangles, circles, and rectangles. Geometry includes measuring three-dimensional figures and solids and you must also understand geometric modeling for basic computer functions and applications.

Statistics, Data Analysis, & Probability

You must understand information on tables and graphs and how to interpret data. You must know basic statistical terminology like mean and median and understand how to decipher various data sets.

General TSI exam Information

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment measures your proficiency in the fields of mathematics, reading, and writing. Your test results form an indicator to colleges of how well you can successfully follow their academic coursework.

In Texas, all public college-bound students are required to sit for the TSI exam unless they hold exempt status.

If you scored sufficiently on some other college entrance exam (ACT, SAT, STAAR, TAKS) or if you scored in the ‘College-Ready’ range of the GED exam (in many colleges), you qualify for exempt status.

TSI testing results are used by study advisors and educators to place you in classes that fit your skill and ability best. If you attain insufficient results on the TSI exam or one or more of the sections, you are required to sign up for additional remedial courses and this may delay your study schedule and costs extra money as well So you’ll understand that proper preparation is key!

Before you can take the TSI exam, you must take the pre-assessment activity. If you haven’t completed this part, you cannot take the exam. This pre-assessment activity takes only around 30-35 minutes to complete.

At this TSI pre-assessment activity, you’ll be provided with information about the importance of the exam, and procedures will also be clarified. You’ll also get tips on how to be successful in college and what to do in case your TSI results insufficient which indicates that you’re not ready to go to college yet.

Last Updated on April 28, 2021