PERT Practice Tests 2024

The Florida PERT exam (PERT is short for Post-secondary Education Readiness Test) is Florida’s exam to indicate if a student is ready to follow college-level courses successfully.

Students who score sufficiently on the PERT exam may be eligible to bypass basic and/or remedial courses and/or be exempted from taking college entrance tests such as SAT, ACT, CPT.

In high school, students will usually get prepared enough to pass the PERT exam.

However, educational institutions and students themselves as well need to be sure that certain academic standards and requirements are met.

Check out our free PERT practice tests

So the PERT exam measures the skills and knowledge level that students were taught in high school but how can you know if you’re all set to take the PERT exam successfully?

Well, MyCareerTools offers you numerous practice tests to discover what subject fields require your attention most so you will be able to get good PERT scores.

You will discover your strengths and weaknesses so you can concentrate fully on the topics that require your study time and focus.

MyCareerTools’ PERT practice tests cover all topics that are on the three subtests that are included in the Florida PERT exam: Writing, Reading, and Mathematics.

So benefit from our top-notch study materials and get a good understanding of your college readiness by checking out our free PERT practice tests.

Our free PERT practice tests allow you to find out which fields you master well, so going over those topics quickly will be sufficient to get high scores on the PERT exam while, at the same time, you will learn the content areas that require additional study to understand the matter sufficiently.

If you are confident about any correct answer, check if you are right, and move ahead. You know you understand that topic. In case you happened to choose the correct answer but you weren’t sure of your choice, you need to go over the subject field again, and if you didn’t have a clue about which of the answer options was correct, you know that field or topic needs your utmost attention.

If you use this approach, you will soon enough discover your areas of weakness and strength, so you can focus on what needs your attention most without wasting your precious study time on things you already command. This means you can use your study time effectively!

So you don’t need to spend much time on the PERT practice test questions that you know the correct answer to right away (but be sure to check if your answer is correct!), while you may want to spend more time on more thoroughly reviewing the material that you were not confident about when answering the questions. That will require more of your time.

Then, of course, the questions that you did not know the answers to, will require most of your time. If you were completely lost at answering a question, you know this will take some time. Don’t panic, however. Just use our free practice tests and before you know, you will understand the subject matter so you can sit for the Florida PERT exam confidently and stress-free!

The three PERT subtests (Writing, Reading, and Math) are not timed. There are no time limits so you don’t need to worry about that. Just make sure you’ll get as optimally prepared as possible and our practice tests are great tools to get you on the right track fast!

When you start preparing for the PERT exam, just start out with your first practice tests and make notes of the subject fields that you think are causing you the most difficulties. Try to understand the concepts that will lead to high PERT scores.

Keep in mind that on the PERT exam, there are no penalties for guessing so if you don’t know an answer, eliminate answer options that are obviously or definitely wrong, and come up with your best guess.

Take as many practice tests as you like. The more you practice, the higher the chance that you’ll do perfectly well on the actual test. Try, however, to use fewer and fewer resources to come up with the correct answers. Repetition and taking multiple practice tests is your key to success!

The three PERT subtests are scored on a scale that runs from 50 to 150. On the Math portion, students need to reach at least a 114 score to pass, on the Writing section, they need to attain at least a score of 103, while on the Reading part, the passing is 106 to be exempted from taking remedial classes and qualify directly for college-level academic courses.

Disclaimer: MyCareerTools is not endorsed by or affiliated with the PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test). PERT is a registered trademark used here solely for reference and identification purposes.