PERT Writing and Reading Practice Tests

On this page, we’ll talk about the Florida PERT Writing subtest and offer you numerous writing practice tests at no cost. PERT stands for Post-secondary Education Readiness Test and MyCareerTools’ practice tests are in line with the questions you’ll find on the Florida PERT writing subtest.

Using our free PERT practice questions is a great way to get optimally prepared for the writing portion of the PERT exam fast and efficiently. The topics addressed in these practice tests include spelling, sentence structure, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, word choice, etc.

The PERT Writing subtest includes 30 multiple-choice questions that are not timed just like the other two subtests (reading and math). Our free practice tests will get you optimally prepared for PERT testing so you can take the exam with confidence.

Students who reach high scores on the PERT subtests will be exempted from taking extra basic or remedial courses before colleges will allow them to enroll in their credit-bearing courses. Scoring high on the three subtests also means they don’t need to take a college entrance exam such as ACT, SAT, or CPT.

Most Florida students need to take the PERT exam before they can enroll in academic courses at their preferred college. Recent Florida legislation (2013), however, resulted in increasingly more students holding an “exempt” status. But regardless of the status you may have, understanding the value of PERT scores is a fine tool for you to choose the college courses that will suit you best!

Get started on your PERT exam prep right here with these free practice tests!

The best way to get all set for the PERT writing subtest is by taking multiple practice tests. This allows you to identify your weak and strong fields with regards to mastering all of the subject fields of the writing subtest and you’ll get quite a good idea of what will be on the actual test.

Many of Florida’s high schools and schools within the Florida College System administer the PERT exam to determine college-readiness. Students take the PERT exam usually already during their high school time so they can get ready to enroll in credit-bearing college courses in a timely manner.

The PERT Writing subtest doesn’t include an essay section. What’s measured is to what extent students understand how to apply the mechanics of writing. Students will receive a few sentences or a piece of text that they must evaluate for grammatical and/or structural errors.

Students are assessed on their understanding of, and language skills in, these fields:

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization
  • Sentence structure
  • Focusing on one subject or assertion
  • How to create an initial argument
  • Word choice
  • Write in accordance with grammatical conventions
  • Organization of text and development of concepts
  • How well they are able to build and back up assertions
  • The recognition of assertions that oppose what they have written
  • How well they are able to build solid arguments
  • How well they are able to compose specific tones and styles
  • Their ability to use proper citational formatting
  • Do they understand how to arrange information logically
  • Can they use data from multiple sources, all relating to their main assertion

The PERT subtests are scored on a 50-150 scale and currently, students who score 103 or higher on the writing section may skip remedial courses and will not be required to take another college entrance exam like the ACT or SAT. This scoring requirement only applies to the writing section! For the other two subtests, math and reading, these minimally required scores are 114 and 106 respectively.

Last Updated on October 9, 2019