3 College Application Mistakes

It’s safe to say that high school students in generation Z are staying busier and accomplishing more than ever. Between academics, extracurriculars, and demonstrating sufficient passion for achievement, teens are starting college well prepared and driven to succeed. Yet no matter how many A’s you’ve earned or hours you’ve volunteered, admissions counselors only have a … Read more

Cultural Literacy

So now you’re a college freshman! Great that you’ve secured your place in your favored college. Good reasons to be a proud Texas student!!! As stated in our post about health literacy, you will make definitely sure that your academic literacy and performances will be fine but there’s more. There’s so much more that will … Read more

Health Literacy

So you’ve made it into your favorite Texas college. Congrats!!! I bet you’ll make sure your academic literacy will be in perfect order but there’s more that will shape you into an independent, healthy, open-minded, and successful human being. Regardless of whether you’re looking to secure a safe and sound career or want to go … Read more

Studying Online – Some Tips

It is that time of year again when students must return to school, college, university, and so on. This can be exciting, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. However, getting back into the habit of studying again can also be stressful and take some time to get used to. You should not feel like … Read more

How to make friends in community college

You still have a few weeks before your new life on campus will start, but it’s good to give this important change in your life some good early thinking-over. Being a new student anywhere is tough, and college is no exception. So let’s look at how to make friends in community college. While in college, … Read more

How to overcome procrastination

Your big day has almost come! It won’t be long until college move-in day. But, more than in high school, you’ve got to learn to be focused and study independently. Now, you’ve got to get used to living on your own. You need to discover what it takes to be an independent person. Isn’t that … Read more

What happens if you miss a college application deadline?

Applying to college can be a confusing and stressful time but if you have missed the application deadline, it’s not that all is lost. There are many colleges that will accept applications even after their posted deadline. So let’s take a closer look and learn more about what happens if you miss a college application … Read more

Athletic training scholarships – college recruiting myths debunked

There are many athletic training scholarships and just as many college recruiting myths. If you ask 10 people about it, none of them will give you the same answers and none of them will be right. The truth is that the recruiting game has changed for high school athletes looking to go to college with … Read more

Campus director – The importance of campus visits

You wouldn’t rent a house or an apartment without seeing it first, would you? The same thing applies when you are choosing a college. No matter how much your parents are urging you to go to a particular university or however solid the reputation of a college that you have your eyes on is, you … Read more

Applying to college after a gap year

More and more, the idea of a gap year is becoming common for students who graduated from high school. Applying to college after a gap year is not uncommon. Instead of going straight into college after graduation, some seniors are taking a year off from schooling to participate in other activities across the globe. How … Read more