Where can I take the TSI test?

Colleges in Texas generally prefer that you come to a local community college and take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment at a local testing center.

Then again, there are times and circumstances that this is perhaps not possible. Then, you may take the TSI exam also online or at a remote Texas testing center.

So there are three options for TSI testing: On-Campus, Online, and Off-Campus.

The TSI Assessment is developed to support study advisors and teachers at colleges and universities with determining if you are prepared enough to follow college-level course work. The testing fields are Math, Reading, and Writing.

The test also helps to determine what remedial course(s) or intervention will be best for you to become properly prepared to successfully attend college-level programs when you’re not ready.

TSI test registration

All new college students are required to take the TSI Assessment before they can enroll in classes unless they are exempt. You can read more about exemptions here.

You are not required to sit for the TSI Assessment if you:

  • Already hold an associate or bachelor’s degree
  • Earned at least a C in relevant college-level courses from accredited institutions
  • Have met college readiness standards before
  • Are signing up for a Level 1-certificate course and only want to take courses in that certificate plan
  • Are an active duty member of the U.S. armed forces, the Texas National Guard, or a reserve member of the U.S. armed forces and served at least 3 years preceding your enrollment
  • Were honorably discharged released, or retired from active duty in the above-mentioned categories after July 31, 1990
  • Completed the ACT, SAT, or other recognized college entrance exam with at least a score required for TSI exemption

Every college-bound student who is not exempt must first complete a Texas Success Initiative Pre-Assessment Activity.

TSI test center

So there are three different ways to take the TSI Assessment: (1) On-Campus, (2) Off-Campus (Remote Proctoring), and (3) Online Proctoring.

On-Campus – contact your local TSI testing center. If you live close to your preferred college, choose to take the TSI exam there. Please get as much information as you can to prevent any disappointments.

Off-Campus Remote Proctoring – If you happen to live close to a higher learning institution that offers TSI testing, you may also choose to take the TSI exam there. Please contact the local testing center and see whether they will proctor your TSI assessment.

Online Proctoring – Online Remote Proctoring allows you to take the TSI assessment online. You need to have a good internet connection and a computer that’s equipped with a good camera. There are schools in Texas that use Accuplace for TSI testing. If you want to use Online Proctoring, please contact your preferred college first to see if they accept this way of TSI testing.

How long is the TSI test?

You may expect to need some 3 to 4 hours to complete the three TSI sections though there is no limit in time for three testing fields. Please keep in mind that taking the TSI exam is a serious business. The TSI exam is crucial for schools to determine which courses you qualify for to take or what remedial classes you need to complete before enrolling in credit-bearing coursework.

Before you can take the TSI test, you are required to partake in the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity which is provided by universities and colleges. You cannot sit for the TSI test if you didn’t take this Pre-Assessment Activity.

College-ready scores for the TSI test

You cannot pass or fail the TSI Test. Based on your performance, you can enroll in college-level coursework that matches your skill levels, or you are required to take intervention or remedial classes to improve your knowledge level and skills so you can be successful in college.

Recently, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) adjusted the TSI Assessment College-Readiness benchmarks. The THECD is a state agency that controls public post-secondary education in Texas.  The College-Ready scores are:

Reading – 351
Mathematics – 350
Writing – a TSI placement score of no less than 340, and at least a 4 score on the essay, OR a TSI placement score that’s less than 340, PLUS at least a 4 score on the ABE Diagnostic Test, PLUS at least a 5 score on the essay.

The fact of the matter is that the TSI isn’t really hard but proper preparation is absolutely required if you want to attain scores that will allow you to skip providing ACT/SAT scores or having to take remedial coursework before being allowed to sign up for college-level courses.

What if you don’t pass the TSI test?

As said before, there is actually no failing or passing the TSI exam but if you don’t attain a sufficient score on one or more parts of the TSI exam (Mathematics, Reading, and Writing), you’ll have to take developmental education courses or intervention for that subject or those subjects you scored insufficiently in before the school will allow you to enroll in their credit-bearing courses.

Last Updated on September 12, 2020