Reading Wonders Grade 1 – How does it work?

Reading Wonders is a fully digitalized reading education program that is developed in line with the Common Core Education Standards for Reading English. So let’s check it out: Reading Wonders Grade 1 – How does it work.

Every component of the program combines research-based learning methods and instruction with lots of new tools to meet contemporary education requirements and challenges. All components of the program and all lessons are designed for efficiently and effectively meeting the Common Core Standards.

Reading Wonders is an English Language program developed by education publisher McGraw-Hill for Kindergarten-K–6. The Wonders Literacy Program offers research-based literacy education, a great scaffolded program for student success, as well as a well-designed parent section with updates and weekly newsletters.

The Wonders program is in line with the Common Core Standards that are introduced in and accepted by most American states. The program includes many materials that allow teachers to personalize their instruction, guide small-group or whole-group learning, and to focus on writing at the same time.

The section Parent Newsletters can follow the same lessons that the students are working on. Each of the Unit documents includes a Newsletter and Comprehension Activity of that specific unit. See also this post about Whooo’s Reading. High interesting as well!

The Newsletters and Activities section gives you a pretty clear understanding of what the children are learning and in what way you best can support them at home. The Units of the Wonders program provide Newsletters in English and Spanish.

The Wonders English Language program is full of resources and new features. The program includes phonemic awareness and was introduced at the same time as Wonders for English Learners and Maravillas (available in Spanish and English) and both programs are in line with the Wonders curriculum.

The Wonder program is a digital curriculum but it comes also with full printable resources for students and teachers. This feature accommodates many schools and school districts that may not be in a fully digitalized phase yet. Keep in mind that this program is in no way an online learning program, though many “digitalized” elements have been brought into this amazing program.

The Wonders Language Arts part includes Wonders Pre K-6 that connects the students to inspiring literature, core standards, and other aspects of the world around them. Open Court Wonders Reading K-5 provides systematic, explicit, and research-based instruction so all students will be able to learn actively.

Maybe teaching is a great career option for you to explore. Much may depend on your learning style and to be successful in college and become an early childhood teacher, you may have to adjust that.

The StudySync (6-12) section lets teachers share their passion for great literature and allows students to discover their passions (print and digital). The Redbird Language Arts section (2-7) offers personalized learning solutions to helps students use their full talent and potential as inspired writers. Corrective Reading and Reading Mastery will build the students’ literacy skills at all ages.

The Wonders Program, of course, includes also Math, Science, and Social Studies portions. McGraw-Hill has developed the highly acclaimed Wonders program so students can better progress toward a higher and better level of academic achievement. The program includes many suggestions and tools for teachers about the best way to handle poor comprehenders and how to adjust their teaching methods accordingly.

Last Updated on June 13, 2020