Whooo’s Reading – How does it work?

Whooo’s Reading is a great app for motivating, monitoring, and tracking student progress. Students can earn coins and go to the owl store for upgrading their owls. Students have many choices and it’s easy to track their progress.

Whooo’s Reading Comprehension questions are based on Common Core Education Standards and are set up in a way that students can deepen their critical reading skills.

The app is a great and accessible tool for teachers wishing to keep up with their students’ process of reading comprehension.

Accelerating your students’writing and reading comprehension skills is now easier and more authentic than ever before.

Whooo’s Reading lets your students think independently through open-ended quizzes and questions for every grade’s book, rather than filling in D, C, B, or A.

The program stimulates students in the age groups 5-14 to read better and more every day and will develop their writing and reading skills in a playful way. Students will boost their self-confidence in writing for classmates, friends, teachers, and family members.

The program allows teachers to assess their students’ reading comprehension skills on practically any device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Whooo’s Reading is an Interactive Reading Platform that makes reading great fun again and boosts Phonemic Awareness. Students have the power of choice which allows them to read nonfiction or fiction material while the system has incorporated up-to-date online game elements that are much-appreciated by today’s digital-savvy students.

The program is specifically developed around the motto Make Sure That Kisa Always Win.

Students that use Whooo’s Reading are motivated to read more and develop their critical thinking skills, and this also counts for slow or poor comprehenders. When they do this, they are rewarded with so-called Wisdom Coins that they use to embellish and personalize their Owlvatar.

Through this feature, students are adding some sense of personal ownership to their coursework, which in turn will motivate them to score even better and work harder and benefit early childhood teachers tremendously.

This way, they will improve their writing and reading comprehension skills. They can engage with peers via the class’s interactive newsfeed where books are available and responses and comments of their classmates are displayed. That’s where all the stories come from, actually.

Teachers who use Whooo’s Reading have many options for customization as well. They can create personalized question prompts to stimulate comprehension, and there are many preloaded questions that are relating to specific educational standards. Teachers can review their students’ reading responses and provide qualitative or quantitative feedback in real-time.

Whooo’s Reading allows teachers to analyze both individual and classical progress as well as check-in what way their students master specific standardized programs. They can also monitor their students’ reading level improvements during any wished period.

The company that developed Whooo’s Reading (Learn2Earn) is also compatible with Google Classroom because many teachers were favoring this option. The main benefit of this integration is that students and teachers now can log in to the program through their Google account.

Last Updated on February 21, 2019