PERT Math Practice Tests

MyCareerTools’ PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) Math practice tests are based on the questions that you will find on the Math section of the Florida PERT exam.

It is the purpose of this diagnostic exam to make sure that Florida college-bound students are placed into academic courses that are in line with their academic abilities and skills. The Florida PERT exam includes three subtests that cover reading, writing, and math.

On this page, we’ll address the math portion of the PERT exam and offer you numerous practice tests so you can sit for the exam confidently and stress-free.

Your PERT scores are measured on a 50-150 scale and on the Math section, you need to attain a score of at least 114 to be sure you’ll be exempted from having to take extra basic classes or remedial courses prior to enrolling in credit-bearing college courses. Sufficient scores on the reading and writing sections are 106 and 103 respectively.

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The three PERT subtests are computer-adaptive meaning the level of the questions will increase or decrease depending on the test-takers’ prior answers. Every PERT section includes 30 multiple-choice questions and there’s no time limit. In general, however, students require some 2.5 to 3 hours to deal with the three sections.

So the PERT subtests will remain challenging for all applicants as the questions will automatically get more difficult as students answer more answers correctly. PERT scores count for 2 years.

High school students that want to go to college in Florida, usually need to take the PERT assessment so colleges can be sure the applicants are ready for their academic courses and students will understand what subject fields need their attention to become successful at their preferred college.

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So the PERT exam allows Florida colleges to ensure that all incoming enrollees are adequately ready for the move into college. This is also the reason that most students take the three PERT subtests before they graduate from high school.

On taking the PERT math subtest, you only can use the calculator provided by the testing facility. Bringing your own calculator is not allowed. The math test includes the following areas:

Equations – This is probably the most simple math category. You will use this type of math notation all through the math section of the PERT exam.
Order of Operations – This part requires you to understand the idea of PEMDAS, or solving mathematical equations by applying the conventions of the sequence of operations: first Parenthesis (P), the Exponents (E), then Multiplying (M) and/or Dividing (D) before getting to Adding (A) and/or Subtracting (S).
Percents – On these questions, you will need to reformat whole numbers into percentage-formatted numbers.
Exponents – This type of question refers to specific types of numerical notation that are expressed in the form of “ab”, where the smaller number (b) is called the exponent. The exponent (b) tells you how many times the large number (a) is self-multiplied. You must be able to determine the value of variable exponents as part of larger algebraic equations.
Prime Numbers – This category includes questions that relate to numbers that have no other factors than those numbers and the number 1 (one). You must memorize 10 prime numbers as you see them.
Coordinate Planes – These questions deal with the relationship between graphs and equations. You must be able to solve algebraic questions based on pairs of grid coordinates and the lines they would create to find those lines’ equations.
Polynomials – A polynomial is a complex version of a simple algebraic equation. A polynomial contains more algebraic equations at once. You will have to use PEMDAS to solve these questions.

You may think that you don’t require that much preparation as much of what you’ll find on the Florida PERT exam covers subjects that you’ve already addresses in your high school classes, but don’t make any mistakes. The three PERT subtests are pretty rigorous so don’t take it too lightly!

Getting optimally prepared for the PERT will improve your scores which may result in you not having to take any college entrance exams like the ACT or SAT. This will not only save you money but a lot of your precious time as well! Scoring high on the Florida PERT exam means you will be exempted from taking additional courses before you’ll be allowed to attend credit-bearing college courses!

Just benefit from MyCareerTools’ free resources and practice tests to get all set to take the PERT subtests comfortably. Our resources will get you familiar with the contents of the three PERT subtests so you won’t be taken by surprise once test day has come.

Disclaimer: MyCareerTools is not endorsed by or affiliated with the PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test). PERT is a registered trademark used here solely for identification and reference purposes.