FSU Scholarships

Getting a scholarship is an excellent way to pay for your education in college. Scholarships may be based on your academic qualifications, your talent, or a number of other qualifications. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few FSU scholarships.

Trying to identify scholarships you could qualify for is the key to being successful in earning an award, so do thorough research, and you may see your efforts rewarded.

When you apply for a scholarship you think you qualify for, please respond accurately and fully to application requirements on time and never give up!

Let’s take a look at some scholarships offered by Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida’s capital city.

FSU is a senior member of Florida’s State University System and the school dates back to 1851. The prestigious university is located on the oldest higher education site in the state of Florida.

Florida State University has a selective admissions policy at an acceptance rate of 49 percent, but the school offers some great scholarship options to talented and motivated incoming students.

FSU offers a great online scholarship platform that will help you in your search for a scholarship to fund your education at the school. The platform is named Finding Scholarships For You, FS4U.

If you search for scholarships on this platform, any FSU scholarship you may qualify for will be identified. You should review the offered information carefully and check back regularly as new options will be added frequently.

Take also a look at this article about the Florida Prepaid College Plan, a state-backed financial savings plan that helps families to pay for the college education of their children.

FSU Scholarships

University Freshman Scholarship – All incoming students are automatically considered for an FSU’s Freshman Scholarship. There’s no need to file a separate application. Setting out on your journey toward independence is already challenging enough so be glad this is done automatically.

Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s academic merit (a combination of GPS and SAT/ACT scores, for example). The $2,400 annual Freshman Scholarship award is distributed over 4 years (so $9,600 in total).

FSU’s scholarship funds are rather limited, so high school seniors are recommended to apply for FSU admission ultimately November 1 to get admitted in January with priority.

The FSU Freshman Scholarships are awarded in January. Recipients of the Freshman Scholarship must take at least 15 credit hours each semester and maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 at FSU.

Benacquisto/National Merit Finalist Scholarship

The prestigious Benacquisto scholarship is offered to National Merit Finalists that graduate from high school. The scholarship covers the cost of attendance minus the amount received through Bright Futures and/or National Merit scholarships.

The National Merit Finalist/Benacquisto Scholarshiptotal has a value of more than $80K over four years of education at FSU and also guarantees admission into the school’s Honors Program. SFU has a selective admissions policy, and if you want to learn more about universities and colleges that are less selective, check out this post.

Presidential Scholarship

Recipients of the Benacquisto Scholarship, the University Freshman Scholarship, or an FSU Tuition Reduction Scholarship also qualify for FSU’s Presidential Scholars Program.

Applications should be received by mid-February and the value of the Presidential Scholar Award totals $31,200 over 4 years. Applicants from out-of-state also receive full out-of-state tuition waivers.

Florida State’s Presidential Scholars award is the school’s premier undergraduate merit-based scholarship. The program covers four years of financial support and is available to high school graduates admitted into FSU’s Honors Program.

The Presidential Scholars Program aims to invest in motivated and exceptional undergraduate students who have the potential to become innovative, transformational, critical, and engaging leaders of the next generation and who are able to make meaningful, significant contributions to their communities, and society in general.

FSU’s Presidential Scholars Program is highly competitive and open to applicants from all disciplines. Students in the Presidential Scholars program have numerous advantages such as Study Abroad programs, interesting research programs, and public service internships.

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver Scholarship

FSU’s Out-of-State Tuition Waiver Award is a merit-based scholarship available to a limited number of newcomers from out-of-state. The award amount total to a 100 percent reduction of FSU’s out-of-state tuition, totaling over $14K annually. The waiver applies only for tuition and doesn’t include any other fees.

More Scholarship Options

Students looking to enroll in FSU’s academic programs and require financial aid should apply as early as possible for admission and financial support. Listed below are a few options available at FSU, but you may also check out this page that lists some more scholarship options in Florida.

Each year, Florida State’s Office of Financial Aid is awarding assistance to eligible students through grants, scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs.

FSU has also resources that may help you discover private sources of financial support to attend college. Students who want to apply for need-based aid must always first submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

You may start to research scholarship opportunities already early in your high school or community library and contact your guidance counselors as soon as you can. They are there to help you!

Check out also local businesses and civic organizations to find out if there are currently any scholarships available. Check out also the following scholarship options available at Florida State University:

  • Talent Scholarship
    The Talent Scholarship is open to first-year and transfer students in the areas of Theatre, Music, and Dance. For these scholarships, consideration is based upon auditions. Check with the individual academic department for more information.
  • Southern Scholarship Foundation Award 
    The SSF (Southern Scholarship Foundation) was set up to offer exceptional students in need of financial support the opportunity to earn a college degree. The Foundation offers free housing to aspiring students in 14 scholarship houses at FSU. Contact SSF for more information: FSS, 322 Stadium Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32304, Phone: (850) 222-3833.
  • Bright Futures Scholarship 
    Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship Program is the state’s umbrella program for state-funded scholarship awards for Florida residents. The scholarship award is based on a student’s high school academic achievements. If you want to apply for a Bright Futures Scholarship, please contact your high school guidance office or the Florida Department of Education at (888) 827-2004.
  • Athletic Scholarship
    The FSU Athletic Scholarship is available to students representing Florida State in intercollegiate athletic and other sporting events. Students interested in their scholarship should have their high school coaches contact FSU’s Athletic Department.
  • Florida State Service Scholarship
    This renewable scholarship is available for incoming freshmen and returning students with a distinguished record of service and community involvement and who want to keep on learning through community service. For additional information, please check out the website of SFU’s Center for Leadership $ Social Change.
  • Navy, Air Force, and Army ROTC Scholarship
    The U.S. military offers a number of scholarship awards for students looking to attend college and serve their country through service in the Armed Forces. If you want more information, contact the Navy at (850) 599-3989), the Air Force at (850) 644-3461), or the Army at (850) 644-1016).

Last Updated on May 18, 2020