What jobs make $100 an hour

Many students are faced with student loans and the best way to get rid of that is simply making more money. Here, we’ll look at what jobs make $100 an hour or more.

Generally, students graduate from college and then start their professional careers with an entry-level position. They’ll be working hard for decades while paying off their student loans and hardly making enough money to live and survive.

Well, the most simple solution to paying back your student loan is looking to secure a job that allows you to make more money than you need to live.

This post lists several career options (self-employment or hired) that allow you to make the necessary income to get ahead and pay off your student loans while keeping enough money to live a good life.

Basically, we can divide high-paying jobs into two categories, the full-time positions that allow you to bring in over $100 per hour (or $200,000 annually) and part-time jobs that pay $100 or more per hour but then, your annual pay won’t result in that kind of annual salary.

In America, the average hourly pay is around 25 dollars. That’s not enough to get ahead if you owe $30,000 or more in student loans. Yet, most Americans will be making this kind of salary, barely making enough to afford a normal living.

But there’s another path. You can also choose a career path or job that will allow you to make better than average earnings. You don’t need to stay at your first job forever, do you? So check out the following options to make at least $100 per hour.

Underwater Welder

Underwater welders are working at elevated pressures. This can be done in water (wet) or in specially constructed pressure enclosures (dry). When done in a dry environment, it is usually called “hyperbaric welding” whereas, when done in a wet environment, it is usually referred to as “underwater welding.”

Hyperbaric and underwater welding is used in many situations, often related to offshore oil platforms and pipeline construction, and in ship repair locations. Underwater welders must understand the world of mechanical engineering as well to be able to perform their tasks properly. Underwater welding jobs are in high demand and top-quality underwater welders can be making $100,000 or more per year. But keep in mind that the world of underwater welding is pretty tough and often requires working in remote places.


Anesthesiologists are physicians trained and educated in perioperative medicine and anesthesia. In the U.S., the term anesthesiologist is used for physicians who completed an anesthesiology program after medical school whereas the term anesthetist applies to a nurse anesthesia provider who completed a 4-year degree in nursing followed by at least 1 year of training in a critical care facility and completed a Masters or Doctorate Degree in anesthesia. When you think about going to graduate school, it’s key to understand the difference between a Master’s and a doctorate or a Ph.D. in your field.

For anesthesiologists, it is not uncommon to make $100 per hour or more. These professionals are MDs who are administering anesthetics, drugs that will knock you out during medical procedures like surgery. Anesthesiologists are usually assisted by licensed nurses (RNs/LPNs) that will not make that much but still have a considerable earning potential as well as nurses are in high demand.


Orthodontists earn money as they straighten out our children’s teeth. In America, the average hourly pay for orthodontists is around $100 per hour. The states where these professionals are paid the most are Alabama, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

To become an orthodontist, you need to attend dental school followed by a few years of specialized training and education. You may also want to see if you are a “right-brain” or a “left-brain” thinker. Generally, left-brainers are analytical and logical thinkers, problem-solvers, and good in language as well. Right-brainers are generally good outside-the-box-thinkers, and more creative and expressive.

Commercial Pilot

Though the hourly earnings of commercial pilots can be $100 or more per hour, they usually don’t have a very high annual salary since that pay rate is for their flight hours while they’re not actually in the air for 40 hours each week. Additionally, FAA regulations are limiting commercial pilots’ flying time to maximally 100 hours per month or 1,000 hours per year.

Many commercial pilots have had their flying training in the military but today, we see more and more pilots that received their training in an official flight school. The best-paying jobs for pilots are offered by commercial airlines yet these companies often require at least 4,000 hours of flight time before they hire a pilot.

Interior Designer

If you want to have your home decorated by a professional interior designer, be ready to $100 per hour or more. Professional Interior Designers usually are Bachelors’s degree holders and there are also states that require these professionals to receive licensure. More and more, interior designers are required to use and implement solar applications as solar energy is, fortunately, taking over the role that fossils had for so long.

Interior Designers can also provide engineering and/or architectural advice but there are also quite a few interior designers that don’t hold a degree. Interior designers must a very good eye for decoration and design, and give their clients a space that’s meeting their needs and wishes.

Life Coach

Life Coaches help us bridge the gaps between our current positions and where we would like to get to in our lives. In general, life coaches are self-employed and making between $100 and $150 an hour though they can make as much as they want if they are determined.

Life coaches can manage individual clients, advise clients in a classroom-like setting or online, or host events to help them get ahead in life. Often, life coaches are certified therapists that completed a Master’s or Doctorate degree followed by a specialized life-coach training program.

Freelance Photographer

Usually, freelance photographers don’t make so much per hour but top photographers will be able to earn $100 or more per hour. Particularly photographers specializing in design and graphic art, and commercial photographers are usually among the best-paid.

The regions where these professionals make the highest rates are in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York. Keep in mind, though, that most photographers won’t make it anywhere near the $100 mark until they are highly experienced.

Political Speechwriter

Demand for political speechwriters continues to be strong and steady with elections around every few years in America. Highly experienced speech writers can earn $100 per hour or more though it will require some years of logging in some congressman’s office or some other political office.

Usually, speechwriters are holding at least an undergraduate degree in journalism, English, communications, or liberal arts, and generally, they are charging by the speech.

Hand Model

In the business, they are called “Parts Models” and they are chosen for their perfect or extraordinary hands or other body parts. They can model anything, from diamonds to diapers. Most hand models are earning some $100 per hour.

Working as a hand model comes with lots of restrictions and limitations. You can’t do the dishes, can’t be gardening, or do anything that might jeopardize your precious parts. Parts models must at all times take good care of their body parts that bring in the pay.

Massage Therapist

A top-notch massage therapist can earn $100 or more per hour but that doesn’t count for those employed in a spa where the average hourly pay is $45. The highest pay is earned in private practices.

Massage therapists must pass a licensure exam after graduating from massage school. The highest earnings potential ($100 or more per hour) is in major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.


An arbitrator is a legal professional that helps to settle all sorts of disputes outside of the court system. This is a cheaper and quicker resolution for many parties but an arbitrator will still be making some good bucks. The average hourly earnings for top-notch arbitrators are some $130.

Usually, an arbitrator is an attorney or a business professional equipped with specialized expertise and in disputes, they act as a neutral party. Requirements to becoming an arbitrator vary by state but generally, arbitrators hold a Master’s degree in law, public policy, or a related field.

Tattoo Artist

Not all tattoo artists make a lot of money but top-notch professionals are earning $130 per hour on average. However, they are usually not able to work at that rate for 40 hours each week. The common practice is for each tattoo, a price is negotiated with their clients.

Though you can find a few tattoo schools, there are generally no educational or training requirements. Usually, tattoo artists have learned and gained experience in apprenticeships with experienced tattoo artists. Most top earners in this professional field are self-employed.