TABE Math Practice Tests

TABE stands for Test for Adult Basic Education. The diagnostic TABE® test is often used by educational organizations and companies for the determination of skill levels and aptitudes of students and job applicants.

The TABE includes three testing fields, Mathematics, Reading, and Language. On this page, we’ll set you on the right pathway to take the TABE Math portion successfully through our free Math TABE practice tests.

The TABE can be taken at 5 different levels, basic literacy level (L), Easy level (E). Medium difficulty level M), Difficult level (D), and Advanced level (A).

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We are often asked “How difficult is the TABE test?”. Well, the answer to that question depends entirely on who is taking the TABE and how strong (or weak) they are in the academic areas.

Many American educational institutions and Adult Education Centers are using the TABE test for assessing an applicant’s college readiness level and/or proper placement of students. Businesses are using the test for assessing job applicants’ skills and for promotional purposes.

The TABE Mathematics part contains two separate parts: math computation and applied mathematics. On the applied math portion, test-takers are allowed to use a calculator.

The Math portion, like the other subtests (Language and Reading) has some forty questions that are all multiple-choice. The Advanced (A) level test, however, includes also drag-and-drop and multiple-select math questions.

The TABE is offered in both computer-based and paper-based formats, except for the A (Advanced) level. This is only available on a computer.

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The TABE math subject test assesses a student’s mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. There are questions that relate to math computation and applied mathematics. The questions vary by the testing level but, in general, the TABE Math test covers the following math topics: Algebra, Functions, Expressions & Equations, Geometry, Measurement & Data, Number System, Number in Quantity, Number & Operations-Fractions, Number & Operations-Basics, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Ratios & Proportional Relationships, and Statistics & Probability.

Please note that the TABE doesn’t come with failing or passing scores. It provides schools and businesses with individual performance scores as a means for proper placement in their academic programs or to determine if an applicant meets their standards. Attaining good TABE scores is important for students to get into their preferred school or for employees to get the job they’ve always dreamed of.

MyCareerTools offers a direct and to-the-point preparation approach to TABE testing. Our Math lessons and practice tests will get you all set for the TABE test fast and efficiently. There are clear and short explanations on all topics found on the TABE Math test. MyCareerTools’ Math practice tests offer a perfect balance of rigor and effectiveness at the same time.

Usually, prior to being placed in an adult education class, students must take the TABE Locator test. This is a TABE pre-test that’s used to determine at what level a student should be placed in a prep class or at the TABE test. Many states and colleges require that the TABE Locator is administered prior to TABE testing.

If students score at the bottom level range on the TABE Locator, schools will, generally, administer the TABE at the lower level. The TABE Locator is a tool for teachers to determine at what level students should be tested.

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