Narrative essay outline

Essay writing can be a cumbersome and daunting process for some if they don’t know the right approach to write a great essay and don’t understand the narrative essay outline.

However, if you are able to understand the correct way of doing it, this task will become enjoyable for you rather than being painful. So, learn how to come up with the best persuasive narrative essay outline.

And with that, it is a guaranteed thing that your piece of work will be a masterpiece. All you have to do is understand the trick to write a great essay and you are sorted. Some of these tips are discussed below:

  • Comprehend the topic

This is an important starting point for great essay writing. You have to understand the topic really well in your mind. Only then you will be able to decide what sort of research you will have to do for the same.

Your brain will start analyzing various aspects of the topic and you will have a well-drafted picture in your mind of how it will look like. You can start highlighting key points and researching on various angles associated with the topic.

  • Start your research on the topic

Once you have understood what is demanded of you, you can start your research on the same by visiting the library or surfing the Internet. Focus on the topic and read articles and books related to it so that you can come out with exactly what the topic demands. We also call this the brainstorming stage.

  • Write an outline

For your essay to be a success, outline it in a way that it is easily understood by all. Have a vision in your mind as to how your essay will be drafted and how it will finally come out to be. This will help you in a great way, also when you’re learning how to best write your TSI essay, an important part of this exam!

  • Thesis statement

A thesis statement is that one sentence that lays the foundation for your essay. It is that one point of debate/discussion around which the entire essay will revolve. And it is the starting point of your essay. Doing this right will help you understand the importance of a college degree to get ahead in life.

  • The main body and chief arguments

Once your introduction and thesis statement is done, you really have to start brainstorming for useful information as chief arguments for the main body of the essay. Summarize the important points and present them in a coherent manner; making sure that no information is duplicating/ overlapping.

Make at least three to four main paragraphs in which you can have some bullet points to support your argument. Always remember, that long paragraphs can bore the reader as you will have learned if your teacher used newspapers to help you read in a good way.

Therefore, design your essay framework in such a way that it makes it very easy for the reader to read and understand. Short and concise statements will definitely make a mark on the reader’s mind and make it easy for him to remember.

Highlight the main points, under which you can mention supporting statements. These highlighted points stay in the reader’s place for a larger time than the other usual information.

  • Prepare the conclusion

Summarize your essay with the clear judgment that you have made. Your conclusion should be categorically based on the research that you have done and should come from that.

Make sure not to include/make any new point in the conclusion, because that will only put the reader in two minds. You can sum up your essay with a good thought-provoking assertion. This helps in making the beginning and ending echo the point that you want to make.

  • Edit your paper for content and grammar

This step is termed as the proof-reading stage in essay writing. And is the most crucial step of all. All the editing/correction of facts should be done in this step. Moreover, check your essay for any grammatical or spelling mistakes and correct them in a way as you would also find in newspapers or magazines.

Once you are done with doing this, you must revise what you have written and be absolutely sure that the content has come out exactly in the way you thought. And by the end, you have a clear decision based on the facts and data that you have presented.

The final step, which may not always be required, is to make sure your citations or references are included, this helps avoid any risk of plagiarism. There are several tools available to make citations and referencing easier such as Citefast.

All said and done, editing and proofreading the content make sure that you are on your target and haven’t exceeded the requirement of the essay. Also, ensure that all the facts that are stated are in line with the research that you have done to clearly bring out a decision that the essay requires.

Studying all the points mentioned above, essay writing could become a joyous experience for both the writer and the reader. This is only when you are convinced in your head about the rough draft of the essay and how the content will flow so as to make it meaningful and interesting for the reader.

But presenting the facts is not sufficient, it is important that you present them logically and with a lot of analyzing, prepare a conclusion that supports the arguments you have presented. Because in the end, it is the conclusion that gives the final verdict to the reader about the point that you want to prove.

Your teacher will guide you through the process of learning to write a good essay and improve your GPA. The above information, I expect, will help you too. It’s all about the real meaning of education, isn’t it?

Last Updated on September 12, 2020