GED Practice Tests That Increase Your Chances by 45%

These  Practice Tests for the GED® Exam will tell you which topics you have already mastered and encourage you to focus on weak areas when learning for the GED exam. Here you will find Math, Social Studies, Science, and English Language practice tests.

Knowing how to properly prepare for your GED exam is the key to avoiding stress and to be successful on every single one of your subtests. We have useful practice tools for you.

There are practice tests with 10, 15 and  25 questions. You don’t need to register and correct answers are displayed instantly. Take a test now. These questions are written by our team and are similar to the GED Test. Each question has few answer choices. Choose the best answer for each question.

Subject Focused Practice Tests


  • Relax. Everybody is always so tense for these tests. Remember, this isn’t a one-time test: if you don’t like your score, you can always take the test again. As with any test, the key to passing is simply to take it seriously.
  • The GED exam doesn’t have to be a big scary test if you come mentally prepared to pass it.

MyCareerTools offers many free GED practice tests so why not benefit from this fantastic help to become perfectly prepared for the four sections of the GED Test. The four subject fields are Social Studies, Science, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), and Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts). The latest edition of the GED® Test was rolled out across America in early January 2014. It is entirely computer-based and the four modules measure fundamental skills and knowledge at the level of graduating high school seniors. The GED Test is in line with the Common Core Standards and will definitely lead to better job options, a successful career, and qualifies for a college education. Across North America, employers, recruiting agencies, schools, and government organizations recognize the GED diploma as the equivalent of a common high school degree.

The GED Test consists of four individual modules, or subtests, that can be taken separately within a period of two years. GED graduates have demonstrated to master knowledge and skills and knowledge at such a level that they will be successful in college and career. Around 15 percent of all American adults holding a secondary education degree do so because they passed the GED Test.

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The above referred to practice tests are not related to the GED Official Practice Test™, provided & distributed by GED Testing Service and ACE (the American Council on Education). ACE and GED Testing Service have not been involved in or licensed, authorized, approved, or endorsed these practice tests.