GED Math Study Guide

This page contains free online GED® Math lessons that will provide you with the core knowledge needed to be successful on the GED Math test.

The lessons include topics such as Fractions, Solving Equations, Percentages, Geometry, Graphing, and Polynomials.

The lessons begin with simple one-step equations and gradually progresses to Geometry and Algebra.

The GED Math subtest contains 45 to 49 questions and you have 115 minutes to complete the GED Math test.

Many GED test-takers are somewhat overwhelmed when they’re thinking about sitting for the GED Math subtest.

Quite a few applicants have been not been in a school setting for quite a while but even if you haven’t math could well be a very challenging subject for you, perhaps even the most challenging of all four GED modules.

So when you’re feeling that way, you certainly are not alone. Many students have so many problems with math but we’ll help you succeed!

The fact of the matter is that the GED Math section is what most students are most concerned about. Many students are so challenged by math that they even stop learning for the GED test at all. This is actually one of the main reasons that so many people stop trying to deal with the GED test in the first place.

To make you feel more at ease with the GED Math test, we have developed these GED Math video lessons and these practice tests. Everything is offered at no cost and it has been proven that video instruction is among the most effective ways to get optimally prepared for any exam in general and the GED Math exam in particular.

If you follow our free lessons and support, you’ll be all set for the GED Math test in the shortest possible time frame and with only little effort! We have also developed a few very effective test-taking strategies, a great help to even fast-track the GED Math preparation process.

On all of the four separate GED subtests (modules), the minimally required score is 145 on a 100 to 200 scale. The following applies:
100-144 = below-passing
145-164 = high school equivalency
165-174 = college-ready
175-200 = college-ready + college credit

Who developed these GED Math lessons?

The online GED Math classes that we offer for free are developed by the Covcel GED preparation program. Covcel is a premium GED prep course that has allowed ur to use almost 120 lessons from their program including practice tests.

The Covcel course is developed by highly experienced GED teachers and Ph.D. grads from America’s finest colleges and universities. If you want to learn more about the Covcel GED Prep Course, click here.

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