Onsego (Covcel) Review -How it works

My favorite GED prep course Covcel changed its name to Onsego. Awesome name! I love this GED prep and recommend Onsego to everyone who needs to pass the GED test. Here is my story.

Finally making the decision to pursue one’s GED certificate can be intimidating, daunting, and, frankly, scary especially when you might have been out of the classroom for a while.

Given the increasingly busy lives we live—with family, work, and other commitments and responsibilities—many people think they don’t have enough time to make their dream a reality.

This is by no means true. With the advent of free online GED classes for adults and other newer technology, finally obtaining one’s GED is a goal that is, in fact, accessible.

Among the best GED prep aids are those put out by Onsego (Covcel) GED Prep.

Onsego’s GED Prep courses, lessons, videos, practice tests, and strategies are designed by master teachers and Ph.D. students from prominent universities who have years of collective experience designing standardized tests.

As a result, Onsego’s materials are proven to be effective for the successful passage of the GED or HiSET high school equivalency (HSE) tests.

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One of Onsego’s striking advantages is that its GED Prep Program creates excitement, engagement, and easy achievement of short- and long-term goals necessary to ensure that its clients continue through the process.

Without having to sit in boring GED classes for hours on end or plod through useless and uninformative free online courses, Onsego is designed so every client can achieve success. With concise modules, clear instruction, informative videos, test-taking strategies, practice tests, and study guides, Onsego GED Prep is at the forefront of current online GED prep sources.

Modules, Lessons, and Practice Tests

Each subject is divided into modules which are then subdivided into lessons. These lessons feature high-quality, informative videos and written transcripts that clearly and concisely explain each concept without the use of silly, juvenile cartoons. The lessons also tackle one specific topic at a time so as to not cause confusion.

For example, under the fractions module, there are individual lessons on how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, convert into mixed numbers, and solve word problems involving fractions.

At the end of each lesson is a quiz designed to test your knowledge of what you just learned. When all of the lessons are complete, each module has one or more ten-question practice tests to further help you solidify what you have learned. All of the quizzes and practice tests offer directions as to where to find the appropriate information for incorrect responses, and you can take them as many times as necessary until you feel confident that you have, indeed, learned the material.

Additionally, if you are knowledgeable and familiar with certain modules or lessons, then you have the option to bypass these areas unlike structured GED classes or other online courses which fail to take the individuality of each student into consideration.

Test-Taking Strategies

One particularly helpful aspect of Covcel GED Prep is its test-taking strategies. From choosing what to learn to time management to using educated guesses to how to effectively read questions, each module in this series is designed to help you get the most out of your effort. Much like regular subject module lessons, high-quality videos along with transcripts help drive each point home.

One strategy, in particular, deserves attention, and this is the concept of “cherry-picking.” In the business world, cherry-picking refers to the useful practice of identifying and targeting those customers perceived as the most profitable—as opposed to providing similar services to everyone equally.

With respect to taking standardized tests such as the GED, cherry-picking is helpful to identify and to answer those questions you already know or those most likely to yield more points while quickly bypassing time-consuming or too-difficult questions.

By doing this, you conserve valuable time as you are not wasting it on questions that may take you several minutes when a better option would be to make a quick educated guess. Learning how to cherry-pick requires practice, but once you are comfortable with the process, you will notice it becomes quite simple—and productive.

Another excellent strategy is the Pomodoro Method of time management. This productivity technique is also popular in the business world. Basically, this technique is characterized by working in smaller blocks of ten, 15, or 25 minutes. After each block, you take a five-minute break and then tackle another block. This technique works in “rounds,” so you may do several in a row—with a five-minute break in between each—until you complete the round. Then, take a longer break.

This method is far easier to complete—and also more motivating—than setting a much larger goal you might not be able to achieve. In other words, telling yourself that you’ll work for 15 minutes is far more realistic and achievable than sitting down with an “I will learn geometry today” mentality. When you become used to working in this way, you can extend your blocks and/or rounds, and soon enough, you’ll be ready to take your test.

The Pomodoro Method also eliminates common distractions because while you are immersed in a block, you tune out everything else and concentrate on the task at hand.

Covcel offers these and many other strategies, tips, tricks, and tools to help you achieve success.

Track Your Progress

Finally, the Onsego (Covcel) GED Prep program provides a way for you to check your progress, something that isn’t available on many free online GED prep websites.

Once you finish a particular lesson, module, quiz, or practice test, the program gives you the option to “mark as complete” or “save to continue.” Having a visual of your progress not only lets you keep track of what you’ve completed and what still needs to be done, but it also adheres to Covcel’s principle of small steps in which seeing the gains you’ve made helps maintain motivation and morale—both of which are crucial for success in any endeavor.

If you are serious about finally obtaining your GED, Onsego GED Prep is definitely the way to go. Check out Onsego GED Prep today.