CLEP in Spanish & CLEP Spanish Practice Test

When you are fluent in Spanish, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is offering you the chance to earn three (or more) college credits when you pass the CLEP Spanish Language test.

This will save you a lot of money and time while you’re working hard towards a college degree.

There are worldwide nearly 3,000 colleges and universities that are granting credit if you attain a sufficient score on the CLEP Spanish Language exam.

The Spanish Language CLEP exam is developed to measure your skills and knowledge typically acquired during the first two years in college.

All study material that’s taught in these years is comprised of one single exam that covers both Levels 1 and 2 content.

ACE (The American Council on Education) is recommending to award 6 credits for students that master Level 1 (a score of 50-62), and 9 credits when they master both Levels 1 and 2 (a score between 63 and 80).

The Spanish Language CLEP exam includes around 120 questions that must be answered within 90 minutes, and some of the questions are pre-test information questions that are not scored.

The exam contains 3 separately timed parts.

These 3 sections are weighted in a way that all questions contribute equally to your total score. Any time that a candidate will spend on providing personal details or on tutorials is added to his or her actual testing time.

The Spanish exam contains one Reading section and two Listening sections, and each of these sections comes with their own timing requirements. The section ‘Reading’ has a length of 60 minutes, and the two sections ‘Listening’ are around 30 minutes together in length.

The total time that candidates have for answering a question will vary by section and is not including the time that they spend with listening to the presented test material.

Required Skills and Knowledge: To be successful in the Spanish Language CLEP exam, candidates are required to master spoken and written Spanish. The exam includes the following subject field topics:

Section I (Listening) – Listening comprehension assessed through short oral exchanges
Section II (Listening) – Dialogues & Narratives, Listening comprehension through long spoken selections
Section III (Reading) – Part A – Discrete sentences (vocabulary and structure), Part B – Short vocabulary and structure passages, and Part C – Reading comprehension (passages & authentic stimulus materials)

Please check your college or university’s most recent catalog for information on their current policy. Bear in mind that not all institutions post their current policies on the website of CLEP or update them in due time.

There are several types of CLEP test centers:
– Open test centers will be testing all students who have registered properly and have paid the due administration fee. Military personnel can also take the CLEP exams here.
– Limited test centers are just testing those students who are enrolled in, allowed access to, or admitted to that specific test center or educational institution.
– On-Base test centers are always located on military installations and are providing CLEP testing only to qualifying service members or civilians allowed to access that military installation. Qualifying military examinees test for free (DANTES).
– Fully Funded test centers are not charging an administrative fee for military personnel and qualifying civilians and spouses (all those who are DANTES-funded). All other examinees need to pay the required administrative fee.



Last Updated on September 25, 2018