ACCUPLACER Writing and Reading Practice Tests

On this page, we’ll take a closer look at the ACCUPLACER Writing subtest. This website offers you free practice tests to get you all set for the ACCUPLACER college entrance test.

ACCUPLACER tests are developed by the College Board and the practice tests on this website are a great help to get optimally prepared fast and efficiently.

The topics covered in this website’s writing practice tests cover the fields of the ACCUPLACER  test: sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word choice, etc.

Writing well is critical not only for success in college but also in professional careers. Being able to put words on paper clearly makes sure you convey precisely what you’re thinking or meaning.

You want to be ready to take your education to the next level, but how can you be sure you’re prepared enough to write on a level that fits a college education? Well, that’s what the ACCUPLACER Writing test is for.

The ACCUPLACER Writing subtest helps college educators and advisors (and you, too) learn more about your writing skills. On this page, we’ll dig a little deeper into what’s on the writing subtest.

Our practice tests will get you ready fast and keep in mind that if you score high on the ACCUPLACER college entrance exam, you’ll be exempted from having to take the SAT or ACT and additional pre-college and/or remedial courses before you’ll be allowed to register for credit-bearing college courses.

Check out here our free ACCUPLACER Writing practice tests

The ACCUPLACER writing test evaluates how well you can convey ideas while using various methods such as effective language use and to what extent you master the use of standard English language conventions such as punctuation and sentence structure.

The ACCUPLACER writing subtest includes 20 questions across two main categories, Sentence Correction & Construction Shift. The first part, sentence correction, contains questions that focus on your knowledge of how sentences are structured. You will find sentences that have underlined portions. You will be asked to select the best phrase or word from four options. The construction shift part contains questions that require you to rewrite sentences in line with certain criteria.

Let’s see what’s addressed in the ACCUPLACER writing subtest:

Organization – This covers aspects like introductions, logical sequences, transitions, and conclusions. Here, you’ll have to revise texts so paragraphs and sentences will be cohesive and logical. You will also have to revise passages so transitions will be more effective in connecting ideas and information.

Development – This covers focus, proposition, and support. You will have to make passages relevant and clear by revising, retaining, or adding information.

Effective Language – This part measures how well you can use syntax, concision, precision, tone, and style. You’ll be assessed on how well you can improve language in texts. You must, for example, examine a text’s word choice for context and exactness; eliminate redundant or extra words; improve tone and/or style to ensure consistency.

Language Conventions-Usage – This part includes 8 subcategories: subject-verb agreement; noun agreement; pronoun-antecedent agreement; possessive determiners; pronoun clarity; frequently confused words; conventional expression; and logical comparison. Here, you must be able to recognize things like possessive determiners, and fix agreement problems between subjects & verbs, pronouns & antecedents, etc.

Language Conventions-Punctuality – In this section, there are 7 separate categories: end-sentence punctuation; in-sentence punctuation; possessive pronouns and nouns; Items within a series; hyphenation conventions; parenthetical & nonrestrictive elements; and unnecessary punctuation issues. You are asked to adjust inappropriate punctuation; identify when hyphens must be used; identify where possessive nouns & pronouns are poorly used; adjust unnecessary punctuation.

Sentence Structure – this portion has also 7 subcategories:  end-sentence punctuation; in-sentence punctuation; sentence boundaries; items in a series; possessive nouns & pronouns; nonrestrictive & parenthetical elements; unnecessary punctuation; hyphenation conventions. In this section, you’ll be asked to correct parallel structure problems; adjust incomplete sentences; identify modifier problems such as misplaced modifiers; identify and adjust inappropriate verb tense use; identify inadequate shifts in pronouns.

The passages here were written specifically for the ACCUPLACER writing test and cover two genres: Literary texts (essays) and informational texts. All passages have a length of 300 to 350 words and include some 12-16 sentences.

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