10 Mechanical Engineering Startups Worth Watching

Mechanical Engineering deals with the design, development, construction, and application of machines.

The world of Mechanical Engineering includes many disciplines that apply engineering principles to designing and constructing machines including their parts. This post highlights 10 mechanical engineering startups worth watching.

In our contemporary world, we can find many moving parts. From the wheels that are spinning a car to the clock that’s ticking on a wall, all these machines need a lot of very precise components and exact movements to keep these things running precisely and smoothly.

It will take many machines and many hands to put together a thing as complex as a vehicle, and all these hands know exactly what that must do because of mechanical engineers.

Many Start-Up Companies work with mechanical engineers so watch these ten Mechanical Engineering Companies:


Astranis is a producer of small, low-cost telecommunications satellites. Astranis takes on one of the most important challenges that humanity faces. In our world, some 4 billion people still can’t access the internet. Astranis will change that.

The company builds the next generation of lower-cost and smaller telecommunications satellites that will bring the entire world online. To pull that off, Astranis has to reinvent the microwave radio systems that are used in space through SDRs.

The following Astranis video may shed a little more light on what it takes to study Mechanical Engineering and what start-up engineering is all about:

Mira Labs

Mira Labs builds the future system of consumer-focused computing by designing and developing an accessible, low cost, augmented reality platform available to anyone.

The company’s minimalist, untethered AR headsets work seamlessly with smartphones and allow anyone to engage in AR applications with no barriers to entry. Mira Lab’s software development kits make it very easy for developers to create unique and new AR experiences. No longer will the digital world be constrained to a screen. The company’s Prism headset is removing that boundary.


Lynq has built a smart compass that will save lives and enables people to stay connected to the ones that matter most in their lives. The smart compass allows you to locate anyone you wish in real-time and anywhere you go within a 5-mile radius and without needing a phone, network, or infrastructure.

The compass is simple and has an interface that, for example, Thai military personnel could learn in less than one despite significant literacy and language challenges. Lynq has a very strong portfolio and is led by HAX alumni and Techstars that have raised over $3m to date. Read more about Mechanical Engineering and high-in-demand jobs here.


CycleSCP is in the process of developing an anti-theft mobile-integrated bicycle parking system that will allow the audience to securely park their precious bikes without the need to use personal keys or locks.

So if cyclists, cities, or organizers no longer need to worry over parked bikes and their safety, they will be able to focus more and better on bicycle access and enhance bike riding to their various locations. This will reduce the amount of space required for parking cars and improve the health of all of their stakeholders.

Diatom Robotics

Diatom Robotics is a startup that builds robotic charging stations geared towards autonomous vehicle fleets. The company’s workforce consists of scientists that were working earlier at MIT Media Lab and former Google employees that have backgrounds in perception, imaging, and mechatronics. Diatom Robotics is constantly looking for Mechatronics Engineers that can design, develop, build, and deploy robotic machines that can charge autonomous, electric vehicles.


Mashgin is a startup that is developing and building self-checkout kiosks that are using computer vision for the scanning of multiple items without using barcodes which will reduce any checkout time at least tenfold. Well, this is the world of mechanical and electronic engineering and to learn more about entry-level positions and average salaries, go to this post.

The company completely recreates checkout experiences in an industry that has seen hardly any innovation in the past decades. Mashgin’s self-checkout kiosks are using Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and 3D Reconstruction to scan a lot of items at once without the need for barcodes.


Boosted is building ultra-portable, lightweight, electric vehicles. The company’s drivetrain consists of custom software and electronics, and the mechanical design has low-cost RC hobby components which result in an increase in the power-to-weight ratio.

The company’s launch item is a fascinating longboard that delivers a range of six miles, electric-only, at 20mph (even up to a 15 percent hill) that comes in a package that weighs a mere 15 pounds. This portability means that the longboard can be carried on public transit, indoors, or in the trunk of a car, which makes it the perfect vehicle for recreational riding, commuting, or errands.


Teralytic is an agriculture tech company that built the first wireless NPK soil sensors in the world. These sensors allow farmers to enhance the health and profitability of the soil while, at the same time, they reduce the environmental impact as farmers can monitor the soil conditions in real-time, use less water and fewer fertilizers so they can grow their crops in a more sustainable way.

Teralytic combines its soil sensors within a cloud-based platform and a very farmer-friendly interface so farmers will get better insights and the best recommendations for improving their farming operations.


Eargo is, as the company states, on a mission to transform the world of hearing health. The company is constantly looking for passionate engineers who are dreaming of developing new methods to improve the hearing capacities of the company’s customers.

Eargo’s employees are real tech geeks who believe that every idea is discussing-worthy and that work should be about having fun and passion. More than 48 million Americans are experiencing hearing loss and the majority is doing nothing to change that. The company aims to give people their hearing back so they will be able to be the persons they really are.

ULC Robotics

ULC Robotics is engaged in designing, developing, and building hardware-software robotic systems. It is a cool and innovative company operating at the forefront of what technological development is all about.

ULC Robotics is a dynamic, small, but fast-growing enterprise headquartered in New York. The company is thriving on mechanical engineering creativity and is continuously looking for innovative, entrepreneurial, and smart people to help lead the company through its explosive expansion.

Last Updated on September 18, 2018