10 Best Colleges You’ve Never Heard Of Yet

While you are working toward your GED Diploma, you might also look for the best college.

So here are our suggestions. You may not have heard of these schools, but listen up. They offer academic strength, a supportive community, and are producing extremely successful grads. What more could you ask for?

Goucher College

1021 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204, Phone: 410-337-6000
Tuition and fees: $44,300, 2,174 students

Goucher College was the first U.S. liberal arts college that required all students to study abroad. The school believes that it is a great chance for students to connect with the real world, and experience different ways of communicating, thinking, learning, working, and living.

The school offers over 60 programs in 32 different countries across the globe. With a 9:1 student to professor ratio and a requirement to study abroad, Goucher offers 31 majors. And, 80% of students receive financial assistance. source: a website

Cornell College

600 First St SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314, Phone: 319-895-4000
Tuition and fees: $38,475, 1200 students

Cornell has students coming from 45 states and from 18 different foreign countries. Cornell stimulates student population diversity. With 80% of students coming from outside Iowa, Cornell students focus on only one course at a time allowing for almost all students to graduate in less than four years. Most of Cornell’s classes are capped at 25 students, and the average class size is 16 students, though quite a few upper-level courses are considerably smaller. source: a website

Kalamazoo College

1200 Academy St, Kalamazoo, MI 49006, Phone: 269-337-7000
Tuition and fees: $42,846, 1443 students

Kalamazoo College was founded in 1833, and belongs to the 100 oldest educational institutions in the U.S. Students are from 43 states and from 33 different countries. The school boasts a 13-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, and undergrads may choose from 31 minors and majors in 8 concentrations. The school is known for its famous K-Plan (where almost all students study abroad and complete an internship). The student population includes quite a few GED graduates that do very well, especially since the computerized GED test was introduced some years back.

Hampshire College

893 West St, Amherst, MA 01002, Phone: 413-559-5482
Tuition and fees: $48,065, Student body 1492

Hampshire College started out in 1970 as an experimental school for alternative education, The school centers on portfolios and faculty evaluations instead of class standing and grades. The college was among the first institutions to not even consider ACT or ACT scores for admission. The school doesn’t go by the usual freshman-to-senior path, but students complete Divisions.

The average class size is 15 students, and the student-faculty ratio is 12-to-1. Of all students, 88% receive grant-based financial support. In January 2019, the school announced that it was in financial trouble and that it wanted to seek cooperation with another academic institution. Other funding was found, however, and the school is, fortunately, accepting new students again. source: a website

St. Olaf College

1520 St. Olaf Ave, Northfield, MN 55057, Phone: 507-786-2222
Tuition and fees: $42,940, student body: 3099

This is an Evangelical Lutheran college that stimulates students to have a life of faith. St. Olaf College was established in 1874, and some 35% of all students are actively involved in musical organizations. There are two orchestras and eight choirs. The school has strong Norwegian roots and offers extensive Scandinavian culture courses such as Viking history, Norwegian language, and Nordic film studies. This four-year residential college offers faith-based education, leading to the #1 involvement in the Peace Corps. source: a website

So when you’re studying hard to get your GED, a great college education can be yours!

All costs are estimates, and though we tried to be as accurate as possible, we can not be held responsible or accountable for any sorts of mistakes that accidentally appeared in the text above. Please check with the listed institutions for actual offerings and pricing as they may change without notice.

Last Updated on August 6, 2019