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Choosing the right career for you can be made a lot easier if you’re using the appropriate tools. Right here you can find the best tools to discover your favorite or best career options. Our career tests show you immediately the results, without registration.

The tools you find here, career tests, will surely put you on the right track and give you an indication of your best career options to achieve professional and personal success and fulfilment.

How can you use career tests?

Learning for GEDCareer tests are also called career assessments. You will be asked several questions and then you will be given a list of career possibilities that are matching your answers.

Assessment tests will not give you just one single career option that will suit you best. Proper career aptitude tests provide you with a range of professional options that you later can narrow down to discover your best option.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just begun to explore or decide on a professional direction, or that you want to make a career change.

You can find several types of career assessments that all are working in different ways. These include:

Personality-based Career Tests

Personality-based career tests are helping you to decide on a proper career track by showing you what types of professional directions are matching your personality and your brain. Personality-based tests involve your values and preferences to decide on your optimal career track

The career personality tests that we use are based on the work of John Holland, a well-known researcher who has developed an interesting method where job seekers are being divided into six main categories of personality types. We are using this for our short five-minute career tests that will help you discover your favorite field of work.

Interest-based Assessment Tests

You can also discover many things about your favored line of work by determining your interests. This also is a proven path towards success in a career. If your work involves things that you are really interested in it will be a lot easier and rewarding for you. We have divided this into 16 main groups of interest.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are the third type of career assessments. These types of tests will assess your proficiency for example in reasoning, math, or foreign languages, and give a pretty nice indication of your ‘aptitudes’. They will, however, generally not provide you with a list of best career choices for you.

Career assessments are a great tool for discovering what career options will fit you best. Interest-based and personality-based career assessments are generally the most powerful and the best useful, and are used by most career counselors and job coaches. They are using these kinds of tests to help people find the ideal career options.

Identifying Your interests

Your areas of interest are very helpful in determining what sort of profession would be good for you. Research had indicated that persons with a passions and interest in the profession they have are more likely to succeed than persons who have no affinity or interest in performing professional tasks.

So you will understand the importance of knowing and identifying the things that have, or may have, your interest. This way you will be able to identify which sorts of profession will suit your capabilities, skills, and interests. If you can determine your fields of interest, competencies, and skills, it will be relatively easier to find both professional and personal fulfillment.

  1. You should explore all your possible options. If you are going to explore your fields of interest, it is imperative that you start with analyzing your professional aptitudes and after that your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you should find out what activities or things you will be interested in doing. You are also required to look into your personality to see which professional field(s) attract you most. Assessing or analyzing aspects such as your skills and competencies may be very useful to discover yourself just  little bit more, which will be useful for identifying your interests.
  2. Consider a career that fits your interests and personality. Consider your passions and interests is crucial in finding the perfect occupation. It’s not just about making the most money. Your happiness and fulfilment at work are just as important. If you are interested and passionate about what you do, you will be more likely to become successful.