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Every week we give away professional courses and tools so you have a great opportunity to advance your professional goals. Video-based online courses will help you develop new,  in-demand skills. Over 2 million students shape their future with these professional courses every month and you can do it too for free! Simply answer 3 questions and enter to win. These giveaways are remain open for two weeks. Check all current giveaways.

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MyCareerTools provides free GED online classes, GED practice tests, and you can also find information about traditional GED classes near you and take advantage of our learning tips. We are convinced that earning your GED diploma can be easier if you are motivated and committed to spending some time on preparing effectively for the exam. Start with GED prep 

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For students who need to take the ACT or Regents Test. We have prepared tools to help you pass these exams. Our free video lessons and practice tests will help you to get ready for your tests. The practice test score will be your baseline that may help you develop a good study plan that’s in line with what you should be working on most. Our ACT and Regents Test prep will help you score high on your exams. Start with ACT Prep.

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With our video lessons and practice tests you can review your knowledge and get ready for Regents exam. All lessons include a video and a mini-practice test. You don’t need to register to start learning. Make sure you are familiar with the content of the actual exam so you’ll understand how to succeed on the Regents Test. Find out if you’re prepared or if you need to head back to the study guide for another review. Start with Regents Prep.

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We understand that earning your diploma is a stepping stone to a new career and we know firsthand how the process of choosing your best career can be an overwhelming and complicated process. To decide which career might be the right track for you, there are career personality tests to help you make this critical decision. These tests may also reveal a much wider scope of possible career opportunities than you initially were aware of, so they may be helpful to discover your full potential. Take a career test now. 

careers2Fast Growing Careers

What jobs will be in high demand in the next 10-15 years? What education courses are worth your time and money? Find the answers to these questions before choosing an education or switching to a new career. We have not only a list of the fast growing jobs but also requirements, job duties overviews, and salaries. Check also our reviews of professional tests preparations. Click here to continue.

salarycalc2Salary Calculator

Understanding yous salary may seem a simple thing. Every month you get your paycheck, and when the year has come to an end you will receive your tax forms. But comparing your salary to what other people in your profession are making, or applying for a credit line may get a little challenging, in particular when you wish to compare hourly pay to annual income, or when you would like to compare benefits and/or commission. Click here to continue.