Dishwasher Jobs

To become a Dishwasher you need to be dependability and attention to detail and person.

Dishwasher jobs are an awesome way to get into the restaurant industry. Many head chefs, cooks, and restaurant owners start out as dishwashers and move their way up to the positions they’re passionate about. The average salary for all dishwashers is about $8.20 per hour. Experienced dishwashers at high-end restaurants can earn up to $10.75 per hour. To discover if this career is for you, take one of our quizzes.

Dishwasher Salary

  • Average Salary: $19,780
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $788,000

Dishwasher – The Job

Dishwashers typically are employed at restaurants, pubs, conference centers, or institutionalized settings related to food service. Their job consists of washing, cleaning and drying dishes, silver wear, cutlery, and all sorts of other tools that we find in kitchens or that are used by customers. There are specific settings where dishwashers have some extra titles (e.g. ‘casserolier’ or ‘dishwasher-utilities’), and usually dishwashers also help with kitchen cleanup duties to support the rest of the staff.

In general, dishwashers don’t require any educational prerequisites, though a high school or GED diploma is often required. Usually, the establishment where they are employed dictates the hours dishwashers need to work, so their work hours may differ greatly. If for example, they are working at an establishment that opens at 8 p.m., they will work late hours. If on the other hand, they are employed by a nursing home, they will normally be required to work morning or evening shifts, because here the residents will be served at least three meals every day. Discover if this field is right for you and take a career quiz for free!

Dishwasher – part-time or full-time?

In many cases will the position of dishwasher not require an extensive background check, but there are quite a few situations where this is absolutely needed. Many dishwashers are employed at nursing homes, schools, or at another care-providing facility. In this sort of situations, employers are required to perform very extensive background checks to protect the safety of people and the institution. It is up to organizations and companies to decide if dishwashers will be part-time or full-time employed, but because of the benefits that often come with full-time employment, prefer most organizations and companies to hire their dishwashers on the basis of part-time employment.

Dishwasher tasks

  • Clean returned plates and silver wear, and other items used by guests and cooks.
  • Run the dish washing machine, load and unload it, and wash trays, pans, and pots.
  • Remove and segregate garbage and trash, and place it in appropriate containers.
  • Keep the dish machine clean and report any functional and mechanical problems immediately.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floors, and help keep the kitchen clean and organized.

More duties

A dishwasher is usually charged with the task to make sure that utensils, kitchenware, and equipment are responsibly cleaned and sanitized, and that everything is done in accordance with safety and health regulations. Dishwashers are responsible for cleaning utensils and food preparation gear on a daily basis. They must wash the dishes, plates, trays, silver wear and everything else that needs to be cleaned in the dining establishment or institution where they are employed. They also are required to help sanitize the kitchen and have to sweep and mop the floor when needed.

Often they also are asked to assist with setting up banquet tables or perform other duties related to banqueting or preparation for large groups. On top of dish washing, they may also perform tasks like cooking and prepare food. Often that will help them stay motivated to come to work since so many of them have a passion for cooking. In general, a high school or GED test diploma is required to be able to work in this profession.

Earnings potential

Dishwashers earn an average hourly wage of $9.42. The compensation for this job doesn’t change so much with experience, but highly experienced dishwashers will definitely make more and geographical factors play a crucial role as well. In this work, most people generally don’t come with more experience than 10 years.Full-time dishwashers receive annual wages from around $17,000 (restaurants) to $24,000 (Traveler accommodations, hospitals). Compensation may vary and depends on experience, talent, and where they work.

The average earnings of dishwashers in 2014 was $19,780 per year according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and around half a million people are full-time employed as dishwashers. In the U.S., dishwashers are earning the highest salaries in the state of Nevada. Here they are receiving average salary rates of almost $23,500.


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