TASC Online Classes

The TASC exam is a standardized diagnostic test that was introduced in January 2014 as an alternative to the GED. TASC is short for Test Assessing Secondary Completion™.

The TASC exam was developed by McGraw-Hill Education in combination with Data Recognition Corp.

The TASC exam is one of three available high school equivalency tests in America.

Like the GED test, the TASC exam is developed to help adults who quit high school prematurely and gives them one more shot at earning an equivalent diploma.

The exam assesses a candidate’s readiness for academic success and professional environments.

While GED testing must be done entirely on a computer is the TASC (just like the other alternative the HiSET) available in both paper-based and computerized formats. Currently, the TASC exam is available in 16 states: Colorado, California, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Texas.

The TASC exam is more affordable than the GED and includes many free prep materials. According to the developers, McGraw-Hill Education, more than sixty percent of all 12-graders would be able to pass the TASC on the first try. And indeed, with sufficient preparation, like available on this website, students should be able to take the TASC confidently.

MyCareerTools offers you numerous free TASC online video lessons and practice tests that will help you get all set for the TASC exam in an efficient way. Online learning requires a healthy portion of self-discipline but you can study when and where that suits you best.

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The TASC exam includes five individual subtests in the academic fields of Social Studies, Language Arts Writing, Language Arts Reading, Mathematics, and Science. Testing takes place at a level that matches what average high school seniors are expected to know. You can take the five subtests in English or Spanish.


The TASC tests are scored on a scale with a range from 300 to 800 points. The passing score on each of the five subtests is 500 and the essay portion needs to have at least a 2-score. So your overall score must be no less than 2500 points.

Social Studies

The TASC Social Studies subtest includes multiple-choice questions that measure knowledge in a number of Social Studies subject fields such as economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, anthropology, and so on.

Language Arts Writing

The TASC Writing subtest includes two parts. In part one, you’ll be given a prompt and you must write an essay. Part two has multiple-choice questions that measure proficiency in evaluating texts and checking for grammatical errors.

Language Arts Reading

The TASC Reading subtest has multiple-choice questions that assess your reading comprehension skills. You must decipher and analyze various texts that are some 400 to 600 words.


The TASC Math subtest includes multiple-choice questions that measure your math skills in fields like arithmetic, geometry, estimations, analyzing data, probability, algebra, and so on.


The TASC Science subtest has also multiple-choice questions that address various scientific subject fields such as chemistry, physics, human health, astronomy, and more. You must understand the basics of science (scientific methods) and be able to read graphs and make inferences.

The TASC is a challenging exam so getting optimally prepared is the key to success. There are many physical locations that offer TASC prep classes, often at no cost. Following an online TASC prep course is also a great option to get all set fast. You can decide about your learning speed so if your self-discipline is okay, you might get ready for the real thing efficiently. MyCareerTools’ free online lessons and practice tests are a great help to get optimally prepared fast for the TASC exam.