Physical Therapist Job Description, Top Schools & Salary

Students who are willing and able to become physical therapists will generally get a direct entry doctorate in physical therapy and take any additional courses to fulfill the requirements for certification. The program is for those who obtained a bachelor’s degree and usually takes three years to accomplish. Depending on the state, these qualifications may vary, but generally stay the same in necessities. To find out if this professional path is fit for you, you can take a free career test.

Physical Therapy classes include: procedures in a medical office, massage, kinesiology, anatomy, physical therapy, and billing and coding. Essentially, the student will learn how to gain an understanding of the medical field and gain knowledge in how to help rehabilitate clients through physical therapy. Also, a course in CPR will be required to ensure that the physical therapist can address an issue if be needed.

Top Physical Therapy Schools

1. University of Southern California

2. University of Pittsburgh

3. Washington University in St. Louis

4. University of Delaware

5. University of Iowa

6. US Army-Baylor University

7. Arcadia University

8. MGH Institute of Health Professions

9. Northwestern University

10. University of Miami

Physical Therapist – The Job

Have you ever considered starting a new career in physical therapy? If not, you should consider the benefits and rewards of working in the field of physical therapy. Physical therapists play a pivotal role in helping clients recover, improve, and develop their body’s functions. It is a noble profession and needed in a world that has a population growth that is exponentially growing.

For people who are fascinated by the processes that may help individuals enhance their physical well-being and health, a career in physical therapy could be a perfect match. Physiotherapists are working with patients in order to improve the range of their movement and to improve their overall health. Those who want to become Physiotherapists must be interested in human physiology and anatomy, and they should be able to work in a patient way, and have an understanding of sensitivity.

Physiotherapists (in the U.S. also referred to as Physical Therapists) are aiming to maintain and/or improve their patients’ physical performance by managing, preventing, and/or treating physical impairments and pains that are caused by illness, injury, or the natural aging process. Generally, physiotherapists will additionally promote their clients’ and patients’ fitness, general health, and wellness.


If you want to be a physiotherapist in the U.S., you will have to complete a physical therapy graduate degree program. The program and the school must be accredited by the CAPTE (The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education). To be admitted into such an accredited program, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree.

There are schools that offer programs that don’t have a preference regarding your undergraduate degree field, but there are also schools that require you to have a related undergraduate degree, for example in exercise science, anatomy, kinesiology, nursing, nutrition, or any other field that relates to health science or health in general.

Most Physical Therapy graduate programs however, require that you have at least completed a certain number of prerequisite courses in the sciences and human health during your undergraduate years, in order to qualify you for admission.

If you want to be a qualified physiotherapist, you must have a degree in physiotherapy, or a recognized postgraduate award. Physiotherapists have an aptitude and interest in helping individuals who experience difficulty with their physical mobility caused by illness, injury, or age. Generally, they are motivated and dedicated to promoting fitness, wellness, and overall health. Individuals who become physiotherapists are generally also persons who take pleasure in a career that comes with mental and physical dexterity.

Physical therapists ensure that quality of life is stable or procured to the patient. They tend to the emotional, physical, mental, well being of the individual. Mostly helping them rehabilitate their affected areas and coming up with treatments and specific plans, subjective to the patient enable, to restore function as well as piece of mind.

Physical therapists deal with a wide range of ages and issues on a daily basis. They take care of babies and the elderly who are in their dotage. Being diverse is a characteristic that one learns while getting their degree in physical therapy.

Physical Therapist Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $78,680
  • Projected Lifetime Earnings: $3,324,000

Physical Therapy Career Paths

Making a choice to become a physical therapist is beneficial both socially and economically, there is a huge demand in physical therapists and anyone in the medical field. Since the world is growing in population, this means more injuries and a need for more qualified therapists to help. Becoming a physical therapist can secure a career that won’t disappear.

Different paths in physical therapy are various as well. A specialization in: sports, women’s health, pediatric, orthopedic, neurological, geriatric, clinical electrophysiology, and cardiovascular therapies can give the student a field of desire in which they desire to enter. Becoming a physical therapist is a safe and dignified career for anyone to work in.


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