Online MBA Programs vs. Traditional MBA Program – Overview

There are several ways to get an MBA degree: the traditional full-time on-campus MBA, the online MBA, the part-time MBA and the hybrid MBA programs. Check also our research about online MBA no GMAT needed programs.

Traditional MBA programs have always been superior when it comes to choice because they were more favored by students and employers. But with the growing hype of the internet market, universities have joined the bandwagon in offering courses online. This has raised many eyebrows as question arise if they can provide an equal level of education compared to the traditional approach.

But as the online MBA degree has proved a potential option, many are convinced of its competence. And regardless whether a student graduates from a traditional or an online program, they are exposed to the same job opportunities in the future.

But before jumping to conclusions, check the Online MBA vs Traditional MBA comparison. This will help you in choosing what program to enroll in. See also our review of the best GMAT prep tools.

  • Flexibility and convenience

Campus-based programs are not very flexible in terms of scheduling classes unlike taking the course online. Flexibility and convenience are two major advantages of online MBA. You can schedule your classes according to your own pace and time, in the comfort of your own home or workplace. This is especially helpful for people who are working. It doesn’t disrupt your work or family time. You don’t have to take a leave from work or relocate to attend your MBA program.

  • Motivation

Although an online MBA degree tends to be more flexible and convenient, it takes a lot of motivation, self-discipline, time management and effort to surpass the online course. But it doesn’t mean that the traditional approach doesn’t need all that. It’s just that when you take the online course, you work independently thus you have to be driven if you want to make the most of your learning.

  • Interaction

The traditional on-campus MBA program involves attending lectures and exams in a classroom. It allows students to interact and work together during discussions and group assignments in a classroom setting. This interaction will promote healthy arguments and exchange of thoughts which hones them for the actual working environment in the real world. This will help them come out better prepared for an interactive workplace.

On the other hand, the online MBA makes use of online media such as emails, podcast, audio files and e-learning software to convey lectures, to communicate and to discuss thoughts. Discussions are limited to online channels such as chat, forums or discussion boards. This lack of student interaction can be a disadvantage because it hinders networking opportunities which is very crucial in the business world. However, online MBA graduates are better prepared for the technological aspect because they had practice during their course. And with the advancement of the internet technology, this can be a potential qualification to get your job prospect.

  • Reputation

It cannot be denied that students who graduate from traditional MBA programs are more highly regarded. But because the online MBA program has slowly been stealing the limelight, many universities have started offering online courses.

  • Cost

Based on the overall expenses, which include tuition, learning materials, travel and living expenses, the online MBA is a lot cheaper than a traditional MBA. You can find the cheapest, accredited U.S. online MBA programs on this page.

These are some aspects of difference in the comparison Online MBA vs traditional MBA. Though the learning techniques and delivery are different, both options offer the same curriculum. Students from the two programs might travel different roads but with the same destination, a brighter career and a fulfilling profession.

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