MBA Programs in Singapore

Singapore has become a dynamic destination for many international students who are looking for a low-cost MBA. The City-State is one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world and offers a vibrant lifestyle that attracts not just tourists but also a lot of international students.

Singapore has become a hub for all sorts of businesses in Asia, and around seven thousand multinational corporations have their head offices in Singapore. Here you can find some less expensive MBA programs in Singapore.

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The country’s economy is constantly growing at an annual rate of over 5 percent, and employment rates are extremely high. Singapore is really a multicultural nation with a very high quality of life. In the economic developments of the past decades, immigrants played an essential role and they are more than welcome to study and live in the country. If you would like to have a Permanent Residency, your application will be processed in only 71 days.

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In Singapore, the cost of education and living is comparatively lower than that of other countries, and currently, over 80,000 students from more than 120 different countries are studying in Singapore. The country offers excellent universities and colleges that are offering high-quality MBA programs, often in collaboration with recognized universities from abroad. You can find quite a few universities in Singapore that present MBA programs that don’t require the GMAT or some years of work experience, and at some universities so-called fast-track MBA options are available.

Before you enroll in an MBA program you really should take a look at the tuition fees of specific MBA programs. Most MBA programs will set you back considerably, usually between US$24,000 to US$40,000, and some prestigious school will charge over US$70,000 (e.g. INSEAD and NANYANG EMBA).

In this post, we list more affordable programs that will allow you to still get a quality education. A less expensive MBA program does not necessarily mean that the quality of the education is low. Consider all your options, be cautious and please make all required efforts to discover more about the colleges and universities, before signing up for one of their MBA programs. All tuition fees are estimates and in US Dollars, and GMAT prep help is also available on this website at no charge. Be aware that additional fees may apply.

The most affordable online and part-time MBA programs in Singapore:

Amity Global Business School, 10-00, 1 Finlayson Green, Raffles Place, Singapore 049246, T+65 6602 9500
The International Student Support Team has specially trained staff to ensure that students make the most of their time at AGBS, and the MBA program is offered in full-time and part-time formats. Full-time students will complete the course in 1 year, while part-time students will need 18 months to complete the program. The MBA program is presented in collaboration with and awarded by Anglia Ruskin University. Program fees $17,000. Source: a website

Stamford Raffles College, 120 Oxley Rise, Singapore 238709, T+65 6339 3688
The MBA program treats learning and assessment in an integrated approach to help student achievement. A key feature of this integration, carefully in accordance with the Council for Private Education requirements, is the focus the school puts on individualized and differentiated techniques where each student’s improvement in learning drives the process. At Stamford Raffles College, a really international and vibrant atmosphere is offered with students coming from countries all over Asia and beyond. The MBA is presented in combination with the University of East London. Program fees full-time MBA program: $19,400, part-time MBA program: $17,900, Source: a website

AEC College, 168 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150168, T+65 6412 0700
It is the goal of the AEC College MBA program to facilitate the advanced research of organizations, their management and the changing circumstances in which they function. Furthermore, the program aims to organize students for development of their careers in business and management by improving competencies at a professional level, or as preparation for academic research or further study in their specific fields. The program is offered in combination with and awarded by the University of Wales. Program Fees $15,257. Source: a website

Kaplan Higher Education Singapore, 8 Wilkie Road, Singapore 228095, T+65 6496 5679
Kaplan Higher Education Institute belongs to Kaplan Singapore, which is a property of Kaplan, Inc., one of the world’s biggest education suppliers. Kaplan, Inc. serves more than a million students in 500 sites throughout the world. Kaplan Higher Education Institute presents part-time programs including diplomas, degrees as well as MBA’s from distinguished American, Australian and European universities, generally for busy working industry experts studying in the evenings. The MBA program is offered in combination with Newcastle Business School and awarded by Northumbria University. Program Fees $15,825 (SGD 21,571.20). Source: a website

EASB Institute of Management, 9 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329975, T+65 6252 5550
EASB – IM presents an MBA degree program that will provide you with theories and guidelines related to organizational survival and success via courses in Accounting and Finance, Marketing, operations management and strategy, but most importantly, the program focuses on developing the human resource skills and expertise you will require in a continuously changing world. The program will train you in conceptual and analytic thinking, and research. The MBA programs are presented in cooperation with and awarded by Queen Margaret University and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Program Fees $22,384 (SGD 30,670) – $27,175 (SGD 37,235). Source: a website

ERC Institute Singapore, 343 River Valley Road, Singapore 238382, T+65 6349 2727
This MBA program is specially developed for students who would like to engage in an in-depth study of Business and Management to cultivate analytic and evaluative competencies that can be employed practically in international situations. Students will be loaded with independent personal improvement skills and background expertise needed for all kinds of business fields. This program is meant to produce future managers and professionals for several business and management areas in addition to providing key expertise and skills that are essential to contemporary organizations. This MBA program is presented in cooperation with and awarded by the University of Wolverhampton. Program fees $16,684. Source: a website

SMF Institute of Higher Learning, School Of Management, 410 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188726, T +65 6622 6622
This MBA program (formerly SMa) offers comprehensive exposure to the most important analytic tools needed to make smart business decisions. Classes are generally organized in the evening as this is much more comfortable for working professionals. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of strategic research of specific business operations. It goes into functional fields like marketing, accounting, general business management, leadership, training & development, and strategic management. The MBA program is presented in cooperation with and awarded by Murdoch University, Perth Australia. Program Fees $19,025, Source: a website

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), 501 Stirling Road, Singapore, T+65 6278 8000
The MDIS MBA program provides students with the expertise and skills of crucial business features that will place them more positively in the labor force and opens doors to new employment opportunities. Students will improve to become self-motivated strong managers capable of using their motivation in order to trigger and apply assignments. The program enables students to develop leadership and management competencies that could lead to chances to climb up the corporate ladder and accomplish the top echelons of management. The program is presented in collaboration with and awarded by Southern Cross University. Program Fees US$19,495. Source: a website

The Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), 10 Raeburn Park, Singapore 088702, T+65 6221 7788
In this MBA program, students will recognize that business is now more international, more entrepreneurial and more focused on environmental issues and social responsibility. The Institute proactively screens existing research and news events to guarantee that students acquire knowledge of alterations and discussions that are having an influence on business these days. In today’s aggressive recruitment market, employers browse the standings of MBA graduates to discover the best talent on the market, so learning for the right MBA program could be the greatest investment students can make for their own future. This MBA program is presented in collaboration with and awarded by the University of Buckingham. Program Fees $20,596. Source: a website

Aventis School of Management, Le Meridien, Singapore 238840, T +65 6720 3333
This accelerated MBA program is designed to provide business leaders and professionals with extensive skill sets and a strategy that could very well be used in actual business problems. The program is meant to focus on improving and strengthening management know-how of executives and professionals. The goal is instant ROI, learn it on Saturday and use it on Monday. The final outcome is an executive, who is an excellent decision maker, who is well equipped for senior management or international management positions. The program is presented in collaboration with and awarded by Arcadia University. Program Fees $22,180. Source: a website

James Cook University Singapore Campus, 600 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574421, T+65 6575 6833
The school’s one-year MBA program includes 12 subjects selected from a broad spectrum dealing with all areas of modern day management. The program offers students flexibility of choice that allows them to choose topics that relate to their career targets. In a significantly more globalized economy, it is crucial that managers include an international point of view on business and management. Program Fees $23,777. Source: a website

TMC Academy, 141 N Bridge Road, Singapore 179099, T+65 6339 7333
The TMC MBA program in Singapore will be presented by professional and seasoned faculty drawn from the career fields of Management, Accountancy, Finance, and Economics. Every member of the program coordination team is a highly respected academic in their own discipline of competence. In attracting much international competence of research-driven staff, the program stimulates the advancement of cross-disciplinary expertise in preparing students for successful management occupations. The MBA program is offered in collaboration with and awarded by the University of Aberdeen. Program Fees $22,014 (SGD30,000). Source: a website

All costs are estimates, and though we tried to be as accurate as possible, we can not be held responsible or accountable for any errors in the text above. Please check with the listed institutions for actual offerings and prices as they may change without notice Please note that it may be difficult to discover some institutions’ tuition fees due to unclear information on their websites, so some tuition fees quotations are real estimates.