Affordale MBA programs in Scotland

An MBA degree can really change your professional life, and although the MBA presents the prospect for a temporary career boost, the true benefits of the academic degree will come in the future. The MBA, seen in this perspective, and definitely compared to the huge prices of specialized training courses, absolutely represents an excellent value for your money.

In Scotland, we don’t see much variation in tuition fees for MBA programs. Generally, the cost for MBA in Scotland will be around £15,000, but this is just the tuition fee. You also will have to take into account extra cost for living. Check also our guide to U.S. MBA Programs that don’t require the GMAT, organized by state.

Fortunately, we discovered a few business schools in Scotland that are offering MBA programs under £10,000. These schools are The University of the West of Scotland and Queen Margaret University. These universities are offering the cheapest MBA programs in Scotland.

This list highlights the least expensive MBA programs in Scotland:

Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Business School
The school boasts a fantastic atmosphere for postgraduate study and top-level research. Heriot-Watt University belongs to the UK top universities and is internationally respected for outstanding teaching and research. The fields of concentration are science, engineering, business management, languages and textile design. The EBS Master of Business Administration program is created to deliver an intellectually challenging and extensive program that allows you to study and take examinations when and where you would like. Tuition fee for the full-time MBA is £18,300 including all study materials and classroom activities for all UK/EU and international students, but excluding accommodation fees. Source: a website

The University of Edinburgh Business School
The Edinburgh MBA is based on a school of thought that finds its roots in the Scottish Enlightenment. This is the time frame in 18th century Scotland when determined thinkers congregated to promote thinking and learning. The school’s objective is to develop leaders who will contribute significantly to businesses and their communities. The school aims to develop every individual’s capabilities via a values-driven learning experience boosting leadership and tactical decision-making skills. Tuition fees for both the 1 year (full-time 12 months) and the 16 months (full-time) MBA programs are £27,100 (for all UK/EU and international students). source: a website

The University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School
The Glasgow MBA program is designed to teach you and develop the skills and tools that you will need to become a successful manager. The Glasgow MBA program matches ancient traditions of academic brilliance with direct exposure to present-day business techniques. The international practical experience that the school’s MBA program delivers will allow you a more expansive mindset on the complications that upcoming leaders and managers will be facing in a continuously changing business world. Tuition fee for UK and EU students is £18,593. Source: a website

The University of Dundee
This 12 months program is specially designed for experienced graduates who have considerable work experience and who wish to further develop skills they already acquired in the oil and gas industries. This MBA program is developed to strengthen sector related leadership skills in business and management, and to provide graduates with the knowledge they need to boost their careers and personal lives. The school offers two MBA programs: International Mineral Resources Management, and International Oil & Gas Management. Both programs are available online and will take between 24 and 60 months to complete. Tuition fee for all student is around £17,950. Source: a website

The University of Aberdeen Business School
Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen belongs to the UK’s most internationally famous universities. The Aberdeen University MBA is a full-time management program that addresses all the major disciplines of business control and permits students the possibility to specialize their MBA in the discipline of Human Resource Management. The full-time MBA program takes 12 months to complete. The tuition fee for all students is (including living cost) £17,200 and for the MBA Energy Management £19,000. Source: a website

The University of Abertay-Dundee
All MBA students at this school will be educated in the key business and management topics of finance, economics, business strategy and human resources. Further on in the program students can choose additional general modules to develop them into a multi-skilled manager, or specialist modules for specializations in individual industries. The specialist options include Biotechnology, Corporate Finance and Energy and Petroleum. Tuition fee for UK and EU Students is £9,055, and for international students £12,840. Source: a website

Napier University-Edinburgh
The Edinburgh Napier Global MBA is created to educate managers and senior staff in public and private organizations. They are trained in creating and developing dynamic and efficient organizations that must be agile, customer focused and humane, but also ready for challenges in both domestic international settings. The MBA program is designed to present an awareness of the aspects of operating organizations in a fast-changing international business setting. The MBA program provides and develops the skills and knowledge to take organizations forward. Tuition fee for UK and EU students is £17,360. Source: a website

The University of Stirling
Founded in 1985, the Stirling MBA mixes academic principles with real-life business case studies. These analyses will furnish MBA students with the understanding, expertise, tools and techniques crucial for controlling business issues in their specific areas of the globe. The program provides a significant coverage of all the key areas of business and effective management such as finance, economics, and marketing. The tuition fee for UK and EU students is £13,250 and for international students £16,200. Source: a website

Caledonian Business School-Glasgow
The Caledonian MBA program educates students in the advancement of organizational management and how organizations must operate in an ever-changing context. The school intends to educate students by placing core management principles in a business setting and wants to develop business professionals that are action-oriented and proactive leaders. Tuition fee for UK and EU students is £13,400 and for international students £16,500. Source: a website

Queen Margaret University-Edinburgh
MBA programs at QMU include many specializations within the academic fields of healthcare, social sciences, business management and drama and theater arts, and hospitality management. This actually demonstrates the vocational and professional focus of the organization. The university offers college students a small and pleasant community atmosphere. The university presents effectively suitable training and research and meets the evolving requirements of students, employers and the corporate world. Tuition fee for UK and EU student is £9.140 and for international students £12,460. Source: a website

The University of the West of Scotland-Hamilton
The MBA program is designed to produce advanced and highly skilled professionals who are needed in a wide range of organizations. The university’s MBA program is perfectly suited for graduate students desiring to start or develop their own business. They will be trained in developing the understanding and expertise needed to become successful in a very competitive international environment. Tuition fee for UK/EU students is £8,925 and for international students £10,025. Source: a website

All costs are estimates, and though we tried to be as accurate as possible, we can not be held responsible or accountable for any errors in the text above. Please check with the listed institutions for actual offerings and prices as they may change without notice. Some fees are hard to find out due to unclear listings on the school’s websites, so some are real estimates.