MBA Programs in Kazakhstan

Inexpensive MBA programs in Kazakhstan – A graduate business education in Kazakhstan is probably not the primary choice for everybody, but the country’s universities are definitely increasing in quality, global reputation, and distinctiveness.

Kazakhstan intends to become a regional study center for Central Asia and has experienced rapid growth and advancement as well as a strengthened economy in recent times. Kazakhstan has become a more substantial player in the Central Asian area while many industry experts and college students decide on Kazakhstan to pursue possibilities. Check also our guide to MBA Programs in the USA that don’t require the GMAT, organized by U.S. state.

As the government concentrates on extra building up of the economy, there continues to be a focus on expanding and strengthening academics, leading to education reform. Students going after a low-cost MBA in Kazakhstan experience top quality academic education presented by distinguished teachers in outstanding establishments.

In 2010, Kazakhstan officially signed up with the Bologna accords and became the 47th full fellow member of the European zone of higher education. 60 Kazakhstan universities have signed the Great Charter of Universities. In accordance, conversion to a 3-level model of training of professionals has been accomplished, Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees.

Check out some of the universities in this rapidly developing country:

KIMEP University (Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research), Almaty
4 Abay Avenue, Valikhanov Blvd, 050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (727) 270 4320
KIMEP is the primary independent Western-style, English-speaking academic organization in Central Asia. The university presents outstanding academic education and training in a distinctive region of the world. Situated in Almaty, the financial capital of Central Asia, college students have the chance to experience Central Asian culture in an energetic and contemporary setting. The school was founded in 1992 after Kazakhstan became independent. KIMEP is a non-profit, private educational institution that offers 15 credit-based degree programs that include undergraduate programs in Economics, Business Administration, Political Science, Journalism, and Public Administration.

Masters degree programs are available in Business Administration, Law, Economics, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, as well as a doctoral program in Business Administration. It is KIMEP University’s goal to produce well-educated citizens and to enhance the quality of life in Kazakhstan and also the Central Asian region via educating, learning, community service and the development of expertise in the areas of Business Administration, and Social Sciences. The school also offers Dual Degree programs in cooperation with the following schools: University of Dundee (Scotland, UK), Cass Business School (City University London, UK), EM Strasbourg Business School (University of Strasbourg, France), IESEG School of Management (Catholic University of Lille, France), Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany), and four Dual Degree programs in cooperation with Yonsei University (Seoul, South Korea). The school’s MBA programs are absolutely a value-for-money choice. Estimated cost $19,840.

International Academy of Business (IAB) – Almaty Management University, Almaty
Rozybakiev Street 227, Almaty 050060, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (327) 249 6446
The school prepares new generations of socially responsible business leaders for management positions throughout Central Asia. Its programs focus on international integration and offer challenging courses that thrive on programs interaction of energetic and creative teams of business professionals. The International Academy of Business (IAB) provides education that centers on the success of its students. Joint MBA programs are presented in association with Maastricht School of Management (MSM), the Netherlands, with The Russian Academy of National Economy & Public Administration (Russia), and with Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

All joint MBA programs are 24 months and in Russian and English. The International Academy of Business is an energetic business school that boasts an excellent reputation among businessmen of Kazakhstan and the global society for managerial schooling advancement. The school offers MBA concentrations in Finance, Corporate Management, Finance, Marketing, Innovation & Technology Management, Strategic Management, and Healthcare Management. The transformation of ASM into IAB was carried out in the year 1996. Presently, a steady extensive structure of training and education is established in the IAB. The school offers low-cost undergraduate, MBA and Ph.D. programs, and also a professional skills development program that provides a chance to acquire up-to-date skills and practical expertise in several disciplines. Accreditation: AMBA. Estimated cost $16,000.

Nazarbayev University, Graduate School of Business, Astana
53 Kabanbay Batyr Ave, block C3, Astana 010000, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (717) 270 9183
Nazarbayev University is a new world university launched by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The University is looking to enhance a qualitative step forward in the training of the next generation of national technical and scientific elites, as a way to assist in the industrial-innovative advancement of the nation. The school’s full-time MBA program is a full-time program designed to educate the next generation of frontrunners and business executives in Central Asia, and Kazakhstan in particular. The program is geared towards early-career business professionals and provides them with the knowledge, competencies, and mindset required to effectively manage corporations in a constantly changing global environment.

The school’s Executive MBA (EMBA) program takes 20 months to complete, and lessons are in English with translation into Russian simultaneously. This program is created to develop management skills and knowledge for entrepreneurs and those who want to enhance business skills and advance their professional careers. Applicants must have at least five years of relevant work experience. The program includes an excursion Duke University (Durham, North Carolina, U.S.). In 2010, the university accepted its first college students, and in 2011, the university evolved into the independent organization of education known as ‘Nazarbayev University’. Estimated cost Not Reported.

Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU)
Tole Bi Street 59, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (727) 272 5897 ext. 598
KBTU’s Business School provides several MBA and EMBA programs that educate and prepare committed business professionals students leadership and management positions. The school’s programs will lead to a global vision and perception and boost managers’ understanding of various aspects of a diverse cultural world. KBTU’s graduates are trained to come up with rational and creative solutions that are required in today’s challenging world of international business. The school educates students in general business awareness, and in techniques to manage both start-up businesses and larger corporations successfully and implement effective strategies.

Th school’s MBA and EMBA programs are designed to support not only young business professionals wishing to build up their careers, they also are designed for experienced senior management professionals who want to revitalize or boost their careers, and take it to the next level. The programs are structured in a way that they offer students top-of-the-line business knowledge in multiple functional fields, state-of-the-art leadership competencies, and they will develop their strategic decision-making skills. The school offers 15-month MBA programs with a concentration in Oil and Gas, Finance, and Leadership, and a 15-month EMBA (Executive MBA) concentrations in Oil and Gas. Tuition cost: $5,322 – $9,121.

E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University, Karaganda
Mukanov Street 1, Karagandy 100029, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (721) 277 0385
Buketov Karaganda State University is the second university in the historical past of Kazakhstan, and it is among the oldest and biggest universities in the country. The school is a traditional university and carries an important social and cultural mission. The university, in accordance with the traditions of classic universities, maintains the high level and fundamental character of higher education. Buketov Karaganda State University is one of the frontrunners in schooling, science, and culture of Kazakhstan.

The school’s Postgraduate Studies Management Department was set up in 2004 and its mission is educating highly-qualified scholars and specialists. The department provides top-quality education and is using the latest technologies in line with international standards. The aim of Postgraduate Studies Management is to create the effective training system for scholars and teaching staff through Master’s degree and postgraduate courses by integrating education and science. They are to develop alternative approaches to dealing with current problems (development economics, society, industry, science) and work out advanced technologies. Estimated cost $2,100 – 4,200.

S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro-Technical University, Astana
62 Prospect Pobedy, Astana 010011, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (717) 231 7547
S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan. The school was founded in 1957 and has strong relations with worldwide higher educational institutions and research centers in over 20 countries, including Great Britain, France, the USA, China, and Germany. The University has held the title of the best higher educational school of the capital for many years and offers a quality, low-cost MBA program. Estimated cost $2,600 – 5,200.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty
71 al-Farabi Avenue, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (727) 221 1000
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (al-Farabi KazNU) is among the oldest and most recognized universities in Central Asia. Still, it is young and dynamic, and it is earning lasting leadership in offering education expertise in the region. Kazakh National University was established in 1934, and the university started out to admit international students from different countries in the year 1985. The university holds close relationships with major universities from all over the world, and the school has signed up with the Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education.

Students from Al Farabi Kazakh National University may advance to the MBA program offered by the University of Northampton, UK. The relatively cheap MDP/Global Classroom was introduced with the assistance of Columbia University in 2011, and Hewlett-Packard opened up its first training and research center in the Central Asia region at the university campus in 2012. KazNU offers three MBA concentrations: Management, Economics (Innovative Entrepreneurship Program), Finance (Financial Management Program). Estimated cost $1,770 – 4,600.

Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Almaty
Dostyk Avenue 13, Almaty 050010, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (727) 291 0679
The main purposes of activity “Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai” are training teaching staff and educating practicing professionals for the scientific development of Kazakhstan. The school provides education in Kazakh and Russian towards Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The school was the first Kazakh higher education organization and was founded in 1928 as Kazakh State University. Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University is one of the leading higher educational organizations of Kazakhstan.

Nowadays KazNPU and its subdivisions include 10 faculties. The education of pedagogic professionals is taken care of by many areas of expertise. 25 thousand students learn in full-time, part-time, distance learning or in evening sections of the university. Abai KazNPU became a member of the Union of European Universities (Magna Charta Universitatum), which means that the participant of the arrangement complies with all international specifications in the areas of education and science, and is among the most prospective educational and scientific centers around the globe. The University provides very affordable Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degree programs, training teachers for all levels of schools. Estimated cost $2,500.

T.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, Almaty
Panfilova Street 127, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (717) 270 5502
T.K. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts is the nation’s leading film, theater, drama, and fine arts & design school. The Academy started in 1955 out as the theatrical department of the Kurmangazy Institute of Arts, nowadays the National Conservatory. It became independent in 1977 and was named after Temirbek Zhurgenov in 1989.

To be able to establish successful scientific research work, the academy opened up an independent department, the Scientific and Practical Center of Postgraduate Education. This department harmonizes the academic processes and disciplines of master programs and doctoral candidacy studies. Furthermore, it arranges scientific-pedagogical, scientific methodological processes, as well as art criticism scientific studies. The center works as outlined by the strategic plan of the academy and educational standards adopted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan. This is the place for “Art School, Music Lessons & Instruction, and Theater”. Estimated cost Not Reported.

Karaganda State Medical University
Gogol Street 40, Karaganda 100008, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (721)  251 3479
Karaganda State Medical University was established in 1950, and the school has gone to lengths to become one of best and leading Medical Education Institutions in Kazakhstan. The school is best known for its scientific research and educational quality programs. The University continues to educate the nation’s medical students through almost one hundred academic educational programs.

Today, Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU) is among the best medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As outlined by the results of the National Accreditation Center’s rating, KSMU has been between the best of 60 Kazakhstan universities and today it is the prime medical school in the Republic. The State Certification Commission oversees and accredits the high achievements of the University in the organization of academic, research and educational endeavors. Estimated cost $10,200.

Sh.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University, Almaty
76 Abai Street, Kokshetau 020000, Phone: +7 (716) 272 1956
The activities of Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov are geared towards guaranteeing the quality of educational services for the training of highly skilled and ambitious Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration. The school offers a wealth of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in, among many others, Hospitality Management, Agricultural Sciences, Linguistics, Physics & Mathematics.

The Faculty of Economy & IT offers courses in Management,  Economy, Accountancy & Audit, Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, Computer Facilities & Software Development. The school prepares graduate students for the highly competitive international business world. Estimated cost Not Reported.

M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University, Petropavlovsk
Pushkin Street 86, Petropavlovsk 642000, Kazakhstan, Phone: +7 (715) 249 3352
North Kazakhstan State University Manashov Kozybayev is among the oldest educational organizations in Kazakhstan. Through the years, the university has educated numerous of the nation’s business and cultural leaders as well as famous scientists. Since 2002, the school obtained new inspiration to the application of sophisticated information technologies in educating, research and university management. The university is a particular academic complex with several levels of education, including pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate training.

The efficient infrastructure of the campus contains 10 instructional buildings, 5 hostels, a medical center, Center for Astrophysics, 5 sports and fitness facilities, sports fields, 3 main halls and 2 suburban training grounds, as well as a swimming pool designed to worldwide standards. The school’s Department of Economics & Accounting provides well-received Master’s programs in Management, Economics, and State & municipal management. Estimated cost Not Reported.

All costs are estimates, and though we tried to be as accurate as possible, we can not be held responsible or accountable for errors in the text above. Please check with the listed institutions for actual offerings and prices as they may change without notice.