Affordable MBA Programs in Alabama

Here you can discover some accredited and very reasonably-priced MBA programs in Alabama. The MBA degree is one of the most sought-after credentials and is the perfect stepping-stone to becoming successful in the world of corporate business.

Of course, achieving an MBA demands investing quite some time and money on your behalf, but obtaining the degree from an accredited school or program will put you in a financial position that makes it easy to repay. On this page, you can take a closer look at these amazing programs presented by respected schools.

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The University of North Alabama-Florence
1 Harrison Plaza
N Pine Street
Florence, AL 35632
Phone: 256-765-4262/4103/4154

An MBA degree from the University of North Alabama is a great help for you to be in command of your professional future, and will provide you with the tools to become a respected contributor to your community. If you enroll in this MBA program you clearly show your commitment to investing in yourself for your own personal well-being and for the world around you. After enrolling in the school’s online MBA program, students can decide on a multitude of MBA concentrations such as Finance, Accounting, Healthcare Management Information Systems, and more. Accreditation: ACBSP. Estimated cost $15,500 ($425 per credit hour plus a $75 Distance Learning fee per course). Source: school website

Jacksonville State University
700 Pelham Road N
Jacksonville, AL 36265
Phone: 256-782-5781
MBA Students at Jacksonville State University can arrange their course load in such a way that their professional and personal lives will be least bothered. The online MBA program is perfect for the busy working professional who otherwise would not be able to pursue this academic degree. Jacksonville State University offers a highly respected faculty and will keep the class sizes small.  All course material is available online, and MBA students can communicate with their teachers or fellow students via online techniques. The MBA program offered by Jacksonville State University includes core business training and the option for majors such as Finance and Accounting. The MBA program includes 30 credit hours of coursework for the General MBA program and 33 credit hours for the MBA-Accounting Concentration program. Tuition cost online MBA: $382 per credit hour, on-campus cost for state residents $382.00 per credit hour, and for out-of-state residents $764.00 per credit hour. Accreditation: AACSB. Estimated cost: from $11,460. More fees apply. Source: school website

Columbia Southern University 
21982 University Lane
Orange Beach, AL 36561
Phone: 251-981-3771/800-977-8449
Columbia Southern’s MBA degree program is focusing on multiple relevant business concepts and the application of business research competencies. Students will be trained in critical job-related management skills needed to be successful in the modern-day highly competitive business environment. Columbia Southern’s MBA program provides students the required training and valued expertise they will need to gain an edge in a continuously evolving international business climate. The program’s courses are integrating theories and strategies that are aligned with business structures and organizational operations. Graduates of the program will be able to understand and explain how various factors affect international business and apply methods and theories related to employee morale and motivation. They can analyze processes that affect the management and control of organizations and evaluate the concepts of integrity within their organizations. The MBA program will take around three years to complete. MBA concentrations in Marketing, Health Care Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Public Administration. GMAT required: No. Accreditation: DETC. Estimated cost $10,800 (36 credit hours at $300). Source: school website

Troy University
University Avenue
Troy, AL 36082
Phone: 334-670-3179
Troy University is focusing on and promoting research and application of knowledge in general. The school has a longstanding reputation when it comes to educating students through efficient teaching, scholarships, innovative partnerships and academic research. The University’s web-based MBA program belongs to a rapidly growing part of the school’s mission, which is to offer a broad spectrum of totally web-based learning courses and degree programs. The TROY Military and Family Scholarship will pay tuition costs exceeding $250 per credit hour for eligible military students (and their spouses/dependents). The Troy MBA program is AACSB-accredited. Estimated cost $15,314 (31 credit hours at $494). Source: school website

Auburn University Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
202 Martin Hall
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: 334-844-4060
For those who want to be successful in the modern highly competitive corporate world, an MBA from Auburn may be an important advantage. The university’s College of Business is offering several ways to obtain the popular college degree. The school features both an on-campus MBA and a totally online MBA program based on video distance learning, and an Executive MBA programs as well. The university’s MBA program is actually the largest graduate program in the university’s College of Business, and the program has enjoyed continually good ratings by respected institutions such as Forbes Magazine and Financial Times. The Auburn MBA is intended for working professionals and the program prepares students to be successful in key leadership positions. Online offered concentrations in Finance, Marketing, Management, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology Management, Agribusiness, Economic Development, Logistics, and Production/Operations Management. The Auburn MBA program holds AACSB accreditation. Estimated cost for state residents: $15,732 (36 credit hours at $437, for non-residents: $34,125 ($1,311 per credit hour). Online MBA tuition is $875 per credit hour (39 credit hours in total = $34,125). Source: school website

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All costs are estimates, and though we tried to be as accurate as possible, we can not be held responsible or accountable for any errors in the text above. Please check with the listed institutions for actual offerings and prices as they may change without notice.