MBA Programs in Dubai

Dubai has quite some pretty good business schools that offer relatively low-cost MBA programs. The common idea is that the more expensive MBA schools are, the better they are. But of course, just paying a whole lot of money does not guarantee a good MBA education.

Many well-established universities with tremendous reputations have affiliated with business schools in places like Dubai, where they offer top-quality, yet very low-cost MBA programs. There are institutions, though, that not really run these MBA courses themselves, but function more or less as re-sellers of learning packages from well-respected MBA providers from overseas. This does not necessarily mean the courses are inferior, but just realize that you are paying your money not to the primary provider.

The provided quality might be of a slighter different standard than what you would expect from a respected institute. However, in general, the level of the MBA programs in Dubai is very acceptable. For most MBA programs, a good GMAT score is needed. Dubai educational institutions include public and private universities and colleges, and Dubai has many international universities.

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In order to be eligible for enrolling in an MBA program at one of the Dubai universities, you would need at least a 600+ score in the GMAT, and at least 60% would be required for your undergraduate degree. All the universities that I know require full-time and relevant work experience of at least two years. Check also our Guide to MBA Programs in the USA that don’t require the GMAT, organized by state.

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MBA graduates can relatively easy find good jobs in Dubai
Dubai belongs to the world’s fastest-growing cities. This results in an increasing number of fastest-growing management jobs just waiting for professionals from all across the globe. Dubai is a very interesting decor for many students. It offers an enjoyable lifestyle and for many employees, Dubai is a fantastic experience. In a fast-growing city like Dubai, there are very good possibilities in just about every professional field.

Most common jobs and salaries
Here is a list of positions and corresponding monthly salaries in Dubai:
Managing directors and CEOs will average up to 100,000 – 150,000 dhs (approximately USD 25,000 – 37,500)
Smaller companies will pay closer to 50,000 dhs (appr, USD 12,500)
Private investment bankers will receive around 80,000- 90,000 dhs
Project managers will average up to 20,000 -50,000 dhs
Doctors’ salaries, depending on the hospital, are getting 15,000-50,000 dhs
Teachers are to receive a minimum monthly wage of around 2000 dhs

Nonpayment of salaries and wages
Some Dubai companies have a poor and dubious reputation for not or insufficiently paying their workers. It might occur that an issue of nonpayment of wages is not decided in favor of the employee, and sometimes cases can drag on for many months. Employees must report and file complaints with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the UAE. Procedures must be followed and claims will be investigated. Companies will often be penalized by being excluded from hiring workers.

Holidays and working hours
In the UAE most positions are jobs for 5 or 6 days per week. Employees are required to check weekly workdays before signing anything. Friday is a common holiday in Dubai and recently the public sector working week changed to Sunday – Thursday. In the private sector the working week may vary, but most of the time they follow the public sector.
Like all over the world, public holidays come in two varieties. There are fixed-date holidays, like 1 January, and there are actual holidays that may vary and may depend on the moon.

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