Maybe you want to become an RN – the Basics

Time for a career change? Think about nursing? Well, become a Registered Nurse and enjoy a pretty tough but rewarding profession. So maybe you want to become an RN – the basics are provided in this post with a short description.

Check out the following video in which a nurse talks about what nursing school students, new grad nurses, or registered nurses should know when they’re considering become travel nurses.

Registered nursing is, in fact, the fastest growing field in healthcare in the United States. Registered Nurses (RNs) are in great demand all over the country and in a great many areas of the United States, there is actually a shortage of qualified RN qualified individuals, which has led to a number of states creating special incentive packages to encourage more people to consider becoming an RN.

Exactly how to become an RN is a question that many people have. How much schooling does it entail, how long will it take and how much will it all cost are all important considerations.

How to Become an RN – What are the Basic Educational Options? – There is, in fact, no standard path for future RN candidates to take when it comes to getting the education they need to become a fully qualified Registered Nurses. There are several different educational paths that can be followed: a master’s degree in nursing (MSN), a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or a diploma.

The most popular choice for those who have asked how to become an RN and are now going to do so is the and. An associates degree takes two years, sometimes less, and an associate degree in nursing does provide all the basic educational and hands-on training needed to sit the NCLEX-RN exam to become an RN. Bear in mind that you need to have finished your high school education! If that’s not the case, get your GED as fast as you can to get started! See also this post about Kaplan nursing courses.

Some then may wonder why students would consider a BSN or even an MSN if they really do not need to go through years of extra schooling in order to work in their chosen field. Most, in fact, do so in order to secure even higher paying jobs and achieve a little more prestige. For example, a BSN is usually a mandatory requirement for an RN who wants to pursue a career in hospital administration.

How to Become an RN – The NCLEX-RN – Whatever educational path they choose to follow in order to work as an RN a nursing school graduate must sit, and pass, the NCLEX-RN. This standardized exam is written and set by The National Council of State Boards of Nursing and is accepted by all 50 states as a demonstration that nursing school graduate has achieved a sufficient level of knowledge and experience to work as a registered nurse.

Once they have obtained their nursing license and are employed as a registered nurse education does not end completely for nurses. There are continuing education requirements established in every state that have to be completed in order for an individual to hold onto their license and license do come up for renewal once every several years. For more information about careers in Medicine, click here.

How to Become an RN – Specializing – Once a registered nurse has been working for a while he or she may opt to specialize in a certain area of nursing that appeals to them most. This does not usually mean that they must complete more formal education but they will have to be willing to spend a great deal of hands-on time learning new skills. If this makes you happy, this career path may be perfect for you!