Life Coach Job

To become a Life Coach should be energetic, inspirational, motivational, and organizational. Excellent listening and communication skills are also a must. To discover if this career is for you, take one of our free quizzes.

Certified life coaches work with clients to identify areas for growth, both professionally and personally. Through regular meetings, life coaches help assess their clients’ progress towards meeting their goals. The average global life coach salary is $47,900. Life Coaching is a challenging, but extremely rewarding career path.

Life Coach Salary

  • Average Salary: $61,500
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,570,300

Life Coach – Education

The requirements to become properly educated as a life coach are depending mostly on your employer. Most employers, though, require some sort of post-secondary education and training in social sciences, human services, or life coaching, and many universities and colleges provide certificate and associate degree programs. For management positions, students usually need to have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree in counseling, social work, or psychology. If you want to discover if this profession may suit you, you are welcome to take a free career quiz!

Life Coach – The Job

Juggling between work, home and the grocery shop in your neighborhood, you sometimes realize that you have lost your peace of mind.  The everyday tension is getting on to your nerves and you do not have the time for your hobbies and space for your family. This can cause irritation both at work and home. Loss of concentration, insincerity, lack of enthusiasm and lethargy are some of the other repercussions. This scenario is not new in today’s fast-paced world. While you might find career coaching at every nook and corner, spiritual guidance is difficult to find.

There are times when you find your priorities overlap. You lose the thin line of divide between your personal and professional life, which leads to enough trouble to last you long for mental unrest. A spiritual guidance at this juncture can help you stay afloat and motivated even in crisis situations and help you stay calm. Here are some other advantages of life coaching:

  • Help set your priorities in life and act accordingly
  • Create a plan of action for underachievers and find what motivates them
  • Set a design to see that the plan is implemented and followed
  • Help in eliminating obstacles if any

Listening in key

Basically, life coaching deals with day to day problems in a positive manner. There would be someone to listen to your problems without passing comments about your ideas and views. It is believed that listening makes a great difference in handling crisis in relationships. A Personal development plan can help you cultivate the power of listening and not just talk.

There are times when things do not go as you wish. May be, you have a set notion about things and do not want to break free. A spiritual guide can help you realize that moving on with the time is the best way to cope with difficulties and reduce friction both at the office and at home.

Personality development courses

Got a doubt about the project you are working on? Need to talk to somebody about your nagging boss? Talk to the life coach and you are sure to get a patient ear with suggestions or two. Some of the other things a personality development course can provide you include:

  • Coaching for the time and space that you need to dedicate to yourself
  • Coaching for a successful interview
  • Fitness regime
  • Boost to the confidence level

Life coaching will help you to think and work safely and in an organized manner. It will help you to establish trustful relations within ethical boundaries so your professional attitude will be morally trustworthy. You will learn to deal with legal issues, and acquire knowledge of counseling practices and methods. You will be trained to observe things from different views, norms, and values, and to respect people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Life coaches’ prospects

Over the past decades, life coaching has expanded tremendously and today you can find many practicing life coaches. But what does life coaching mean, and how do you recognize a good life coach, and how is life coaching different from counseling? How will a life coach make sure the environment for you and him/herself is safe and secure?

Life coaches have developed their knowledge, skills, and understanding of circumstances that influence persons’ lives in general. They are trained to recognize and identify specific situations and have developed a critical awareness of the ethical and legal considerations of their work in the field of life coaching.

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