Lack of High School Diploma and Your Salary

Today there is no doubt that obtaining a High School diploma is not only helpful but required for most employment possibilities. If you drop out of high school, your salary will be almost 50% lower than a graduate student’s income on average! If you drop out of school and don’t take any actions, your chances for a quality life are considerably lower, says a lot of research.

Remember that you can always get your GED certificate that has the same value as a High School diploma. Completing the GED exam not only will increase your income potential, but it is also your access ticket to institutions of higher education as well.

Get a better job with a GED diploma

There are so many reasons why people did not finish High School. Whatever the reason, you still have a chance to get a good job and manage your future, all you need to do is get the GED certificate.

Completing the GED exam successfully will open up doors to colleges and universities as well, so start getting prepared for the GED examination today. Take a look on at this infographic from the website GED Programs Guide in the USA.

The truth is that many college dropouts will have a hard time getting a job these days.  Unemployment rates show that 17% of unemployed people don’t have a High School Diploma and only 4.5%  of college graduates couldn’t find a job at the same time.