HiSET Online Classes

HiSET online classes help you get ready for the real exam in a short time.

Learning Resources

To study for the HiSET test at home, you need to secure proper learning resources. HiSET Learning resources include books, online classes with videos, apps, practice tests, and mini-quizzes. You can also create your own flashcards.

Create Learning Routine

Creating your learning routine increases confidence and morale and keeps you motivated to continue to the more difficult subjects.

  • Follow a lesson plan
  • Study at least 30 minutes 2 times a week
  • Watch 2-3 videos each time
  • Take 2-3 mini-quizzes
  • Take Practice Tests

Learn About Test Taking Techniques

The HiSET test is a test of understanding. it’s not a memory test. The exam aims to test your understanding of the course topics and ideas. These following GED Test-taking techniques will help you to boost your score.

  • Read the instructions carefully and underline keywords in the questions as you get to them.
  • Check the sense of the question. Look out for negatives and double negatives.
  • Be sure to read all the answers provided; don’t stop when you find one that you think is correct.
  • Look out for almost identical answers.

Don’t even think about doing minimal work and guessing randomly. The odds are not in your favor. Use an educated guess technique instead.

Master Time Management

Take many timed HiSET practice tests to get better with your time management. Allocate your time proportionately and spend no more than the allotted time on each question. If the examination is 70 minutes long and there are 35 questions, then you have 2 minutes per one question.

You must monitor your time carefully throughout each question and aim to finish it on time. If you’re struggling with a problem, don’t guess at the answer.

Move on and come back to it at the end. If you’re still unsure, then just give it your best shot.