GED Wisconsin- FAQ

How to get a GED in Wisconsin?

Students looking to earn their high school equivalency (HSE) diploma in Wisconsin must pass the four independent subtests (also called modules) that are included in the computer-based GED® exam.

Students may, if wished, take these four modules one at a time but completion of the entire GED battery must be achieved within two years. The GED modules assess knowledge in these subject areas: Social Studies, Science, Literacy, and Math.

What are Wisconsin GED testing requirements?

Wisconsin requires GED hopefuls to be at least 18.5 years of age but younger applicants (17 to 18.5 year-olds) may qualify as well if they meet strict requirements.

They need to hold, for example, permission from their school boards, and from a parent or guardian as well. Test takers must be Wisconsin residents and not already have a high school or equivalent degree.

Who qualifies for the Wisconsin GED test?

The Wisconsin GED test offers adults who left high school without a diploma another opportunity for securing an educational credential that’s the equivalency of a standard high school diploma. Everywhere in America, educational institutions and employers are accepting the GED in the same way as a high school diploma.

Where are Wisconsin GED online practice tests?

Students wanting to get hold of their Wisconsin GED diploma really need to take multiple GED practice tests. That’s key! Some students learn better when they work with practice tests guided by a teacher in a traditional classroom and other students do better if they learn with GED prep books.

However, over the last decade or so, we’ve seen an increasing number of students opting for online GED practice tests that are available over the internet at no cost. These days, online learning programs have become very popular and for the best of reasons. Students have the option to learn from practice tests at the time they wish and from where they want.

How much is the Wisconsin GED test?

The Wisconsin GED exam costs $33.75 per subtest ($135 overall). GED hopefuls don’t need to prepare for all subtests simultaneously. They have the freedom (if wished) to take and pay for one subtest at a time. So prepare for one subtest, pass it, and move on to the next subject. Registration for GED testing must be done online on the website

Where are online GED classes in Wisconsin?

Though online GED testing is no option, signing up for an online GED prep course is a great option for students who know what it means to learn independently. Online GED programs are known to be highly efficient though self-discipline is required to be successful. Online learning offers flexibility and students can study for their tests from their homes, or from wherever they wish, and at times that suit their schedules. Online GED courses are fantastic for GED students in remote Wisconsin areas!

Is there a Wisconsin online GED test?

Online GED testing is no option. GED test-takers need to come to an official Wisconsin GED test center to take the four GED subtests in person but if they wish, they can do so one at a time. Online GED testing is just not available! Please remember that online-acquired GED documents are worthless and will not be accepted by any employer or school.

Is the Wisconsin GED available on paper?

For a few years, there’s no more GED paper-based testing. Everything must be done entirely computer-based. And honestly, this makes sense. In our contemporary employment market, there’s hardly a position anymore that doesn’t require at least some basic computer and keyboarding capabilities So no, paper-based GED testing is not possible.