GED Washington State- FAQ

How to get a GED in Washington?

If you want to get hold of your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma in Washington, you’ll have to pass the four individual tests (modules) of the computer-formatted GED® exam.

These four modules assess your knowledge in the subject areas Science, Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies. You have the option to take and pay for each GED module separately within a 2-year time frame.

What are Washington GED testing requirements?

In Washington, GED applicants must be 16 or older. For youth ages 16, 17, and 19, specific requirements count that may vary by age but, in general, they must, for example, hold written parental consent and be officially withdrawn from the school they last attended.

Who qualifies for the Washington GED test?

GED testing is for adults who never completed their high school curriculum. The Washington State high school equivalency test offers them one more opportunity to secure an education credential that is all across North America accepted in the same way as a standard HS diploma by practically all institutions of higher education, federal and state government agencies, and employers.

Where are the Washington online GED practice tests?

The GED exam is pretty rigorous. To be successful at the GED exam, students should take as many practice tests as they possibly can. That’s the way to go! Some students perform better when they learn under the supervision of a tutor in traditional GED prep class and others will do better by studying with practice tests from a GED prep book.

Today, however, students often use online GED practice tests to get properly prepared fast. Online GED classes are highly popular. Thanks to technical innovations, the quality is generally pretty good, they are entertaining, and students can learn when they want and where they want.

What is the Washington GED testing fee?

The Washington GED testing fee is $37,50 per module or $150 for the entire exam. Washington State doesn’t require GED applicants to be state residents and there’s also no requirement to first pass a state-approved GED practice test. GED applicants can not already hold a high school diploma.

Where are Washington online GED classes?

Online learning has come a long way. GED video lessons may be entertaining and they are very effective. As stated earlier, some applicants learn better in a physical classroom setting guided by a teacher and others prefer to learn from books. More and more GED students, though, turn to online learning options as these offer much more flexibility.

When students enroll in online GED prep classes, they can study at their own pace, where they want, and at times that fit them best. To be successful online students, though, they need to have well-rounded independent learning skills and a healthy porting of self-discipline will help, too. GED students should also check if the online GED course they chose is in line with the latest GED content.

Is there a Washington online GED test?

No, there is no Washington online GED test like everywhere else in the country. Online GED testing is just not available. To earn your Washington HSE (high school equivalency) credential, personal appearance at an official Washington GED testing center is required.

Can the Washington GED test be taken on paper?

GED paper-based testing is not an option anymore. That’s a thing if the past. This is not so strange as it may look or sound, because you won’t find a job out there anymore, that doesn’t require at least basic keyboarding and computer skills.