GED Washington D.C.- FAQ

How to get a GED in Washington D.C.?

To earn your high school equivalency credential in Washington D.C., students will need to pass the four (4) individual subtests (modules) of the GED® exam.

The GED is a fully computerized exam that assesses applicants’ knowledge in these subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Test-takers can take (and pay for) one of the four GED modules separately but they need to complete the entire GED battery within two years.

What are Washington D.C. GED testing requirements?

In Washington D.C., GED applicants need to be at least 16 years of age. For youth ages 16 and 17, however, strict requirements count, They must,  for example, have written permission from a parent or guardian and also have permission from their school district.

GED hopefuls cannot already hold a secondary education degree (high school diploma or equivalent) and not be registered for any other school program.

Who qualifies for the Washington D.C. GED test?

The GED test is developed for individuals that never completed high school. The Washington D.C. HSE (high school equivalency) exam gives them another opportunity to obtain a credential that’s across America recognized and accepted just like a common HS diploma by virtually all higher education institutions, employers, and state and federal government agencies.

Where are the Washington D.C. online GED practice tests?

The GED is a rigorous exam and proper preparation is key. To become successful test-takers, students really should practice a lot with GED practice tests. That’s the best way to go! Some students learn better when supervised by an instructor in a traditional GED class, while other students learn better from practice tests in a GED prep book.

We can see more and more students, however, that are using online GED practice tests for getting optimally prepared and efficiently. Online learning has become highly popular and this also counts for GED students. Due to technical innovations, these GED online classes are very informative and entertaining, and GED applicants can learn at times that suit them well and from any place they wish as long as there’s internet access.

What is the Washington D.C. GED testing fee?

Washington D.C. subsidized GED testing. In the District, the GED testing fee is only $3,75 per module or $15 for the entire GED exam! Washington D.C. picks up the tab for the rest of the cost. GED testing in DC is only for residents. Students can take one of the four GED subtests at a time as long as they deal with the entire GED battery within two years.

Where are Washington D.C. online GED classes?

These days, online learning is very popular. GED video prep lessons are pretty entertaining and very effective. As said before, some GED applicants learn easier in a conventional classroom setting supervised by a tutor and other students do better when they learn from GED prep books. We can see, however, an increasing number of GED students that benefit from online GED prep classes. Online learning is highly flexible and students can learn when and where they want at their own pace. Students should keep in mind, though, that following an online study course requires independent learning skills and self-discipline is needed, too. Please check as well if the online GED program is in accordance with the latest GED test content.

Is there a Washington D.C. online GED test?

No, in Washington D.C., like in the rest of the country, online GED testing is not possible. Getting all set for the four GED tests with an online prep course is perfectly okay, but the GED test is just not available over the internet. Students looking to get their Washington D.C. high school equivalency diploma must appear, in person, at one of Washington D.C.’s testing centers.

Is there a Washington D.C. GED test on paper?

All across America, the GED test is not available any more on paper. The entire GED exam is administered in a computer-based format. This actually is not surprising as you won’t find practically any job out there anymore that does not require at least basic keyboarding skills.