GED Texas- FAQ

How to get a GED in Texas?

In Texas, there are three options for high school equivalency (HSE) testing, the HiSET, GED, and TASC exams.

The GED® test includes four separate subtests and the HiSET and TASC tests include five subtests as here, the Language Arts section comes with separate reading and writing subtests. The four GED subtests are in Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math.

What are Texas GED testing requirements?

In Texas, GED test-takers have to be at least 18 years old. However, 16 and 17-year olds may qualify as well if they meet some pretty strict restrictions like holding parental consent and being officially withdrawn from their school. GED applicants must be Texas residents.

Who qualifies for the Texas GED test?

All three exams are for adult learners who could not finish their regular high school program. Successful test-takers will receive the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency, TxCHSE. This certificate is accepted in the same way as a common high school diploma by practically all North American employers and educational institutions.

Where are GED practice tests in Texas?

To get all set for the Texas HSE exam, taking a number of practice tests is crucial. If you attend a GED prep class, you’ll get GED practice tests and you may also benefit from online GED practice tests that are often available at no cost. Online study courses have become popular and are great study options for students in remote areas.

What is the GED cost in Texas?

The Texas GED test is $145 for the entire test ($36,25 per subtest). Students need to create their accounts on the website You can take and pay for one GED subtest at a time. HiSET and TASC testing is slightly cheaper.

Is there an online Texas GED test?

There is no GED, TASC, or HiSET test. The Texas high school equivalency (HSE) test is administered only at official testing centers. Getting all set for the Texas HSE exam by using an online program is okay but testing is done exclusively at an official testing site. Not all Texas testing centers offer all three options so please, get well informed.

Where are Texas online GED classes?

Online HSE prep classes are a perfect option for self-disciplined students who can learn very well independently. Online GED classes generally come with practice tests and engaging video lessons. Online learning offers great opportunities for students in remote areas.

Is the Texas GED available on paper?

The Texas GED exam is entirely computerized. Paper-based GED testing is a thing of the past. The TASC and HiSET exams, though, are offered both on paper and on a computer.