GED South Dakota- FAQ

How to get a GED in South Dakota?

Students looking to earn their high school equivalency (HSE) diploma in South Dakota will have to pass the four independent subtests of the GED test. The GED® is fully computerized and students have the freedom to sit for one of the modules at a time.

Completion, however, has to be achieved within a period of two years. The four modules are in Social Studies, Science, Math (Mathematical Reasoning), and Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts).

What are South Dakota GED testing requirements?

In South Dakota, GED applicants must be no younger than 16 years of age but applicants aged 16 and 17, must meet very strict requirements. These young applicants must, for instance, hold written permission from a parent or guardian and they must be officially withdrawn from their high school. In South Dakota, there is no state residency requirement. GED applicants can not already have a secondary education degree.

Who qualifies for the South Dakota GED test?

The South Dakota GED program is for adults who quit high school without a diploma. The HSE program offers them another opportunity to obtain a certificate that’s equivalent to a regular high school diploma. This document is all across North America accepted as such by employers, educational institutions, the Military, and other government organizations.

Where are South Dakota GED online practice tests?

Students that work towards their South Dakota GED diploma benefit from taking multiple practice tests. Some learn better in a conventional classroom setting under the supervision of a tutor while others learn better if they use a GED prep book from the local library.

Over the last years, however, we’ve seen an increasing number of GED students opting for online GED practice tests to get all set fast. Online GED courses have become very popular and for many good reasons. They are very flexible and offer students the opportunity to study at the time they wish and from any place they like as long as there’s internet access.

How much is the South Dakota GED test?

The South Dakota GED test is $30 per subtest (so $120 overall). There’s no need to prepare for the four GED subtests simultaneously. Students have the liberty to sit for one of the subtests at a time. So prepare for one subject test, pass that section, and then move on to the next part. Registration for the GED test must be done online on

Online GED classes in South Dakota?

There is no online GED test. Not in South Dakota and not anywhere in America. Signing up for an online GED prep course is perfectly fine for GED students wanting to get all set efficiently but it requires independent learning skills and self-discipline. The fact of the matter is, though, that online study courses offer lots of flexibility. Students can prepare at home or from anywhere that suits them well and online GED courses are a perfect solution for GED applicants in remote South Dakota areas!

Is there a South Dakota online GED test?

No, there is no online GED testing option. GED test-takers are required to show up at one of South Dakota’s official GED testing centers and take the GED subtests, one at a time if they wish, in person. Please note that an online-acquired GED document has absolutely no value and will not be accepted by any employer or school.

Is the South Dakota GED offered on paper?

There is no GED test in a paper-based format. Everything is done on a computer. Computer-based testing makes sense since there’s hardly any job out there that’s not asking for basic keyboarding and computer skills.