GED South Carolina- FAQ

How to get a GED in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, students wishing to obtain a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, have two options, the GED and the TASC exams. The GED® is a fully computer-based exam that comes with four individual subtests.

The TASC has five subtests. Here, the Language Arts section has separate writing and reading tests. GED testing covers the four subject areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The TASC exam is offered both in computer-based and paper-based versions.

What are South Carolina GED testing requirements?

In South Carolina, GED and TASC test-takers must be 16 years of age or older. Young applicants 16, 17, and 18 years old, must meet strict requirements, though, such as holding written parental permission as well as having permission from their school districts. South Carolina doesn’t require state residency for HSE test-takers.

Who qualifies for the South Carolina GED test?

The South Carolina high school equivalency (HSE) exam gives adults who quit high school without a diploma another chance to get an educational credential that is recognized as being equivalent to a high school diploma.

The South Carolina HSE diploma is all over North America accepted like a regular HS diploma by institutions of higher education, employers, and governmental agencies.

Where are GED practice tests in South Carolina?

Students looking to earn their South Carolina HSE diploma should take multiple GED/TASC practice tests. This is key to becoming optimally prepared for the South Carolina GED or TASC exam. Some students learn better in a traditional classroom supervised by an instructor and other students prefer to learn from GED/TASC prep books from a library.

But more and more GED/TASC hopefuls take online GED practice tests. Online GED study courses have become very popular as they are efficient and offer students the option to learn from wherever they want and at times that fit their agendas. Online learning is also a perfect solution for GED/TASC applicants living in remote South Carolina regions.

What does the South Carolina GED test cost?

The South Carolina GED exam is $37,50 per subtest ($150 for the entire exam) versus $124 for the TASC exam. The TASC is available both on paper and on a computer whereas the GED is entirely computer-formatted. Both HSE exams have subtests that can, if wished, be taken separately. To register for the GED subtests, students need to go online and set up an account at

Where are South Carolina online GED classes?

Students wishing to earn their South Carolina HSE diploma have several options to prepare. Some students do better when they attend a physical classroom and get guided by a teacher whereas others prefer to learn from GED/TASC preparatory books from a library. Over the past years, however, there are numerous GED/TASC students that prefer to use online GED prep courses to get all set fast.

A good online GED course includes engaging video instruction and many practice tests that provide a stimulating study experience. Online GED/TASC courses offer also great new options for students that live in remote South Carolina areas. Please be aware, though, that to become a successful online student, you really should have some well-rounded independent learning skills. Self-discipline is absolutely required.

Is there a South Carolina online GED test?

No, online GED or TASC testing is not possible. The South Carolina HSE (high school equivalency) test is administered only at official testing sites. Using an online study program for optimal preparation is absolutely fine but if you want to get hold of your South Carolina HSE credential, you must show up, in person, at a South Carolina testing site.

Is the South Carolina GED test offered on paper?

GED testing is not available in a paper-based version anymore. Not in South Carolina and not anywhere in America. The entire GED test must be done on a computer. TASC testing, however, is still available in both paper-based and computer-based formats.