GED Social Studies Practice Test

On this page, we offer you free GED Social Studies practice tests that will help you prepare for the GED Social Studies subtest effectively.

The GED Social Studies subtest measures your academic knowledge in three main categories: the U.S. and World History, Government & Civics, and Geography.

At the GED Social Studies GED subtest, your problem-solving and analytical skills are assessed as well.

You are given 70 minutes to complete the Social Studies module (independent subtest).

These GED Social Studies practice tests are all timed so you have the chance to see how you perform when you’re pressed for time.

The GED test if a fully computerized exam that is actually so much more than just a high school equivalency (HSE ) test.

It also is your springboard toward further education in college, better employment, and a better life in general.

On the GED test, the number of multiple-choice questions was reduced and the former language writing subtest is woven all through the four subtests through essay-style answering.

The structure of the GED Social Studies subtest

Civics & Government 50%
U.S. History 20%
Economy 15%
Geography & the World 15%

On the GED Social Studies subtest, you will find 36 questions and you must answer at least 65% of those questions correctly to pass the test. In order to pass the GED subtests, you need to attain at least a score 0f 145 on each of the four subtests and averaging is not possible.

The GED Social Studies questions come in a number of forms and shapes such as multiple-choice, drag and drop, hot spot, and fill in the blank. GED Social Studies testing no longer includes an “extended response” (essay) part.

The GED Social Studies subtest comes with questions that are assessing a student’s ability to understand and analyze the provided text including tables and charts.

Students are also tested on their inference capabilities, and their analytical and problem-solving skills are measured through their interpretation of subtest’s content.

Prepare well for the Social Studies subtest

We offer you numerous free sample GED practice tests relating to the Social Science GED subtest. You’re welcome to take as many Social Studies practice tests as possible and when you come across a Social Studies topic that is challenging, go back to the explanation in our free online GED Social Studies video lessons. This website offers numerous video lessons that will help you immensely to get ready for all topics in the GED Social Studies subtest fast.

The video lessons on this website are totally free so you are welcome to benefit from these free resources and get all set fast for the GED Social Studies subtest.

GED Testing

The four GED subtests (independent modules) are in the academic subject fields of Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Science. This page addresses the Social Studies section. There’s no need to sit for the entire exam in one session. You have the freedom to take one or more of the four subtests at the time when you feel you’re ready to do so but in most states, completion has to be done within a time frame of two years.

The four GED subtests must be taken on a computer and they measure a student’s basic knowledge and skills at a level that compares to that of graduating high school students. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded a credential that’s equivalent to a high school diploma. Holding the GED diploma will for sure leed to better job options, a more successful career, and allows for a fine college education. The GED diploma is across North America accepted in lieu of a high school diploma.

These Social Studies practice tests used on this website are generously provided by Covcel GED Prep. You can learn more about the Covcel GED Prep Course here.

These practice tests are not related to the Official GED Ready Test™ provided by GED Testing Service and ACE (the American Council on Education). ACE and GED Testing Service LLC were not involved in the development of these practice tests not do they approve, endorse, or authorize these practice tests.