GED Science Practice Test

The GED® Science subtest includes these fields: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Science Practices.

This page offers you many practice tests that will prove to be a great help for getting all set for the GED Science subtest fast.

The GED Science subtest comes with 35 questions that need to be completed in a time frame of 90 minutes without any break.

So to earn the GED diploma, you must understand all about the Science portion of the GED exam and that’s why we developed these practice tests.
To learn what you know, take a GED Science practice test and find out what areas need your most attention.

Life Science – This section covers the fields of our Human Body & Health; Life Functions & Energy; the Structure, Functions, and Organization of Life; and Evolution, Genetics, and Heredity. This is Biology.

Physical Science – This section addresses Physics & Chemistry. The fields are the Conservation, Flow, and Transformation of Energy; Motion, Force, and Work; Chemical Properties and Chemical/Nuclear Reactions and the relation of these reactions to Living Organisms and Systems.

Earth & Space Science – This section deals with Earth and how its System Components are interacting with living objects and the Organization and Structure of the Cosmos. Our Space Science practice tests will teach you how to best answer questions like “What’s the speed of light in miles/second”, “What is the largest planet in our solar system”, or “What Science field is dealing studies of outer space”.

Scientific Practices – This section covers how to read complex science texts and identify scientific details; how to go about cause and effect; how to comprehend scientific text and content; how to go about scientific evidence to support inference and to draw a scientific conclusion. To successfully take the GED Science subtest, you must know how to understand and read graphs and charts because many questions require this knowledge.

How is the GED Science subtest structured?

Life Science 40%
Physical Science 20%
Earth & Space Science 25%
Science Practices 15%

So we’ve already mentioned that there are 35 Science questions, that you have 90 minutes to deal with the questions, and that you must have to answer at least 65 percent of the questions correctly to pass the GED Science subtest.

The passing score on the GED Science subtest is, just as on the other three sections, 145 points. Scoring occurs on a 100 to 200 scale and is as follows:
Below-passing score: 100-144
High school equivalency score: 145-164
College-ready score: 165-174
College-ready PLUS up to 10 college credits: 175-200

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The GED exam measures knowledge and skills at a level that is comparable to what high school seniors must know upon graduation. In most state, the four separate GED modules (subtests) must be completed within two years after your initial registration and everything is done on a computer.

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GED Diploma

Across North America, the GED diploma is accepted in lieu of a standard high school diploma. Practically all employers and institutions of higher education recognize the GED credential just like a high school diploma.

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