GED Rhode Island- FAQ

How to get a GED in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island offers the computer-formatted GED® test for adults looking to earn the state’s HSE (high school equivalent) diploma. There are four separate GED subtests (modules) that can be taken one at a time yet within a two-year period.

The four GED modules are covering the academic fields of Social Studies, Literacy, Math, and Science. Upon passing these four modules, test-takers are awarded the Rhode Island High School Equivalency Credential.

What are Rhode Island GED testing requirements?

In Rhode Island, GED applicants must be at least 16 years of age but for young applicants 16, 17, and 18 years old, strict requirements apply that vary by age. In general, though, these young testers must have written permission from a parent/guardian and also be withdrawn from their school officially.

GED test-takers must be Rhode Island residents that not already hold a secondary education credential. Taking and passing the Rhode Island GED Practice Test is also required before applicants qualify for testing.

Who qualifies for Rhode Island GED testing?

The GED is a rigorous high school equivalency (HSE) test that’s is developed to help adults who never completed their high school education. The exam offers them another chance to acquire a credential that’s equivalent to a high school diploma. The GED is accepted by employers, universities, technical colleges and trade schools, the U.S. Military, and other governmental institutions across North America.

Where are Rhode Island GED online practice tests?

Students preparing for the Rhode Island GED test should take multiple GED practice tests as that’s the best way to measure their knowledge. In traditional classroom settings, students will practice with lots of practice tests guided by teachers but some students learn better by using GED prep books at a library.

Today, however, we can see more and more GED students opt for taking online GED practice tests readily available for free over the internet. This comes as no surprise. Online studying had become pretty popular and for good reasons. They allow students to study when and where they want.

How much is the Rhode Island GED test?

The Rhode Island GED test is $120 or $30 for each subtest. Students don’t need to prepare for all four GED subtests simultaneously as they can take one subtest at a time. They can prepare for one section, pass that subtest, and then move on to another GED subtest. Registration for the Rhode Island GED test must be done online on the website

Online GED classes in Rhode Island?

Online GED testing is not possible. Students must come to an official Rhode Island GED test center and take the four subtests in person. Signing up for an online GED prep course is really a fine option for GED students wanting to get all set fast, but the actual GED exam is not available online.

Please keep in mind, though, that following an online course requires some self-discipline and that this way of learning is typically for students who understand what it takes to learn independently. Still, online courses offer so much flexibility as students can learn from the comfort of their homes or offices at any time that fits them best. Online study courses are also fantastic for students living in remote Rhode Island areas!

Is there a paper-based GED test in Rhode Island?

No, there is paper-based GED anymore. The Rhode Island GED exam is, just like all across America, only available in a computer-based format. Taking the GED exam on paper has become a thing of the past.

Is there a Rhode Island online GED test?

No, online GED testing is not an option. Though getting ready for the test with an online course is perfectly okay, GED hopefuls need to come, in person, to one of Rhode Island’s state-designated GED test centers. Please be aware that online-acquired GED documents have no value whatsoever and will not be accepted by employers or schools.