GED Oregon- FAQ

How to get a GED in Oregon?

To get your high school equivalency (HSE) credential in Oregon, you’ll have to pass the four modules (independent subtests) of the computer-based GED® test. You can take these modules one at a time but you need to complete the entire GED battery within a two-year time frame.

The modules cover the subject areas of Social Studies, Math, Science, and Literacy. Upon passing all four subtests, you’ll be awarded the Oregon High School Equivalency Diploma.

What are Oregon GED testing requirements?

The state of Oregon requires GED hopefuls to be at least 16 years old. For applicants 16 and 17, however, restriction apply. These students must, for instance, have written permission from a parent/guardian and they need to be officially withdrawn from their school.

There is no Oregon residency requirement and GED test-takers can not already hold a secondary education credential.

Who qualifies for the Oregon GED test?

GED testing gives adults who dropped out of high school one more chance to earn an educational credential that is equivalent to a standard high school diploma. All over North America, employers and educational institutions accept the GED in lieu of a high school degree.

Where are Oregon GED online practice tests?

Students looking to get their Oregon GED diploma should take as many GED practice tests as possible. Some students do better in a traditional classroom where they can work on practice tests guided by knowledgeable teachers while others may want to learn from practice tests in GED prep books.

Over the past years, we’ve seen more and more GED students who opt for online GED practice tests available at no cost over the internet. Online learning has become popular and for good reasons. Students can benefit from the flexibility these courses offer and they now can study at the time and from where they prefer.

How much is the Oregon GED test?

The GED exam costs $152 in Oregon ($38 per subtest). Students don’t need to prepare for all four GED subtests simultaneously as they can take one subtest at a time. They can, if they want, prepare for one subject, pass that part, and move ahead to the next subtest. Registration for the GED exam is done online on

Online GED classes in Oregon?

Online GED testing is not an option but following an online GED prep course can be a great option for GED students who can learn independently as it allows for getting all set fast and efficiently. Online studying requires well-rounded self-discipline but the fact of the matter is that online learning comes with lots of flexibility as students can learn from their own homes at times that suit them well and online GED programs are perfect for GED hopefuls in remote Oregon areas!

Is there an Oregon online GED test?

No, online GED testing is not possible. GED hopefuls must show up at an official Oregon GED testing center and take the four modules, one at a time if wished, in person. Bear in mind that online-obtained GED documents have no value whatsoever and will never be accepted by employers and schools.

Is the Oregon GED available on paper?

GED testing must be done entirely on a computer. This makes actually sense because you can hardly find a job out there that does not require basic computer and keyboarding skills. So no, there is no paper-based GED exam.