GED Nebraska- FAQ

How to get a GED in Nebraska?

Nebraska uses the fully computer-based GED® exam for its HSE (high school equivalent) testing program. The GED exam contains four independent subtests that can be taken separately as long as completion happens within two years.

The four subtests (modules) cover the areas of Social Studies, Math, Literacy, and Science. When you’ve passes these four tests, you’ll be awarded the Nebraska High School Equivalency Diploma.

What are the Nebraska GED testing requirements?

In Nebraska, GED hopefuls need to be at least 16 years old but for applicants 16 or 17 years old, restrictions apply. These underage students must have, for instance, permission from a parent or guardian and be officially withdrawn from the last school they attended. Applicants must have lived in Nebraska for at least thirty days and not already have a secondary education degree.

Who qualifies for Nebraska GED testing?

The GED is a high school equivalency (HSE) test that is developed to give adults that never finished high school one more chance to get hold of a credential that’s the equivalency of a common high school diploma. All across North America, the GED is accepted as such by employers, technical colleges and trade schools, the U.S. Military, universities, and governmental institutions.

Where are Nebraska GED online practice tests?

People preparing for the Nebraska GED exam should really take a number of GED practice tests. In a traditional classroom setting, students will get plenty of practice tests as they are taught by a teacher and some students prefer to learn by using books from the local library.

These days, however, there are more and more students who prefer to study by taking online GED practice tests. Online study programs have become very popular and that’s for good reasons. Students can study where and when they want as long as there’s access to the internet.

How much is the Nebraska GED test?

In Nebraska, the GED price tag is $120 for the GED battery ($30 per individual subtest). There’s no need to prepare for the entire GED battery simultaneously as you can take one test at a time. So prepare for one subtest, pass that section, and move on to the next GED subtest. GED test-takers must, as said before, have lived in Nebraska for no less than thirty days. Registration is done at the website

Online GED classes in Nebraska?

Online testing is not possible but attending an online GED prep course is actually a great option for GED testers that want to get all set fast for the Nebraska GED exam. Bear in mind, however, that online learning requires self-discipline and is typically for GED students who can study independently.

The fact of the matter is, though, that online learning offers a lot of flexibility and students can study from the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them best and online study programs are so great for GED hopefuls that live in remote Nebraska areas!

Is there a Nebraska online GED test?

No, there is no online GED exam. The GED subtests need to be taken at one of Nebraska’s official GED test centers. Keep in mind that an online-acquired GED document has absolutely no value and will never be accepted by an employer or a school.

Is there a paper-based GED test in Oklahoma?

No, taking the GED exam on paper is no longer available. The Oklahoma GED test is fully computer-based. Paper-based GED testing is a thing of the past.