GED Missouri- FAQ

How to get a GED in Missouri?

In Missouri, adults who want to earn a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, must pass the five subtests of the Missouri HiSET exam. HiSET stands for High School Equivalency Test. A couple of years ago, Missouri switched from GED® test to the more affordable HiSET exam.

The GED exam is only offered in a computer-based format while the HiSET is offered both on paper and on a computer. The five HiSET subtests cover the subject areas of Language Arts Writing, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and Language Arts Reading.

What are Missouri GED testing requirements?

In Missouri, HiSET test-takers need to be at least 16 years old but for 16-year-olds, restrictions apply. HiSET testing in Missouri is open to state residents. Applicants must first get an “application for the Missouri Certificate of High School Equivalency” that is available at most high schools, public libraries, HiSET testing centers, and all Adult Education sites.

Who qualifies for the Missouri GED test?

The HiSET exam, just as the GED, is for individuals who didn’t finish high school and it offers them one more opportunity to acquire a certificate that is all over America recognized as equivalent to a high school diploma. The Missouri High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma is accepted by practically all institutions of higher education, the Military, employers, and local and federal governmental agencies.

Where are Missouri GED online practice tests?

The Missouri HiSET exam is pretty challenging and to be successful, students should take many practice tests. Some students will do better in a traditional HiSET prep class where a teacher guides them through the process but an increasing number of students turn to online GED practice tests to help them get perfectly prepared for the HiSET exam efficiently.

Online GED prep courses are very popular and for a good reason. Online study courses offer flexibility because they allow students to learn from anywhere and at any time they prefer.

What is the Missouri GED testing fee?

The regular price tag of the Missouri HiSET exam is 98,75 but the state passed legislation to waive that cost for first-time HiSET test-takers! This includes a $60 registration fee which allows applicants to test three (3) times within a 12-month period. Applicants who fail the test for the first time can retake the entire HiSET test, or any of the five subtests, two additional times within the 12-month period. Missouri is one of the few states that offer free HSE testing to its residents.

Where are Missouri GED online classes?

HiSET test-takers can prepare for the Missouri HiSET exam in a number of ways. Some students prefer to work with books from a local library or bookstore while others feel better when they participate in a physical HiSET prep class and learn under the supervision of a tutor. But increasingly more HiSET applicants follow online GED prep courses to get properly prepared for the Missouri HiSET test.

Just be sure that the online course you choose is properly updated for the most recent HiSET content and requirements. Online learning surely comes with many advantages but it also asks for well-rounded independent study skills. Online learning resources offer also better opportunities for HiSET applicants that live in remote Missouri areas.

Is there an online Missouri GED test?

No there is not. The HiSET and GED exams are simply not offered over the internet. To get your Missouri HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, you are required to show up at one of Missouri’s official HiSET testing centers and take the five subtests in person.